Serena Laurent

Luminous & Feral


Alter: 26

Favorite activities in a session

  • Roleplay- especially taboo games
  • Humiliation
  • Toying with bodily fluids- including tears, your blood, my menstrual blood..
  • Tantric sparkles
  • Techno impact play

Current favorite toy:
The delicious orchestra of my golden throat, sharp tongue and lush honey-like lips.
Be it singing warm hellos, hissing poisonous promises or cruelly piercing your weak spots just to soothe them once again with it’s hypnotizing hum.

What kind of bizarre lady are you?
If any box should fit me, then it should be a prankster box with a Trickster on a wire within. Or an infinite loop of Matryoshkas, one unlike any other.
Some of the feedback I am receiving most often is about people feeling extraordinarily comfortable around me. I am not inclined to form any unnecessary assumptions or judgments.
Connecting with me might easily feel like meeting an old intimate friend. I love closeness, exploring smells and textures. I am sadistic and sweet.
I honor vulnerability and willingness to question personal and political status quo such as gender roles and identities, correct language, boundaries of attraction and revulsion, etiquette..
Even after five years years in SM, I am keeping a beginner’s mind. And I invite you to approach me with mind as unclouded by assumptious memories as mine.

What makes you different?
I truly am a master of the arts of changing form. Just like the serpents, I play with the powers of transmutation.
I speak many love languages- be it playful domina, a sweet devil, a wicked angel, a psychic playmate for journeys into the spiritual realms of eroticism, an adult movie performer, a patient guide into your first kinky explorations, or a cruel mistress, desiring nothing but to pierce your skin and heart.

What is dominance for you?
For me, dominance is really about being in service to one another. I don’t resonate with the classical take on a dom as the one who is being served. I like to co create sessions together and share responsibility for our experience of them.
My aim is to dominate you into dominating yourself, to embrace you into honouring the fuck out of yourself.

What do you love about SM?
Absurdity. I do love and practice SM as a celebration of our absurd and laughable human experience as a whole- with it’s clumsiness and grace, flops and victories, paradoxes and unpredictabilities..
I love the rapid shedding of people's masks of civility and good manners and the lovable rawness of what lies beneath.

How did you get started with this job / what has changed since then?
I have been turned on by the horrifying and forbidden ever since I caught a glimpse of it as a little child. Sneaking out at night, dreaming of becoming a prostitute, exchanging kisses for treats, playing ticklish non consent with friends, hanging dolls by the leg…
Shortly after my 18th birthday I packed my life into one suitcase and moved to Berlin. Berlin equally magnetized and repelled me with it’s commanding hard techno basses, unforgiving ordnungsamt, sharp freezing winter winds mercilessly cutting my baby cheeks, tease and denial of the first spring sun rays, full moon rituals, the all pervading eyes and calculators of finanzamt, naked sweaty chests in harnesses…
I went from a teenage rebel into a connoisseur of the casual pain of everyday life. The suffering of playing a human. Oh so juicy…
And I have learned that by hurting on demand in a BDSM context, one as if pays their existential pain bills. And one can feel quite liberated afterwards.
In the spirit of transmutation and fascination by the edge, I kept inviting the ugliest, darkest and hottest demons into my bedroom while disinviting them from where they do not serve.
As if it were the only obvious step forward, I eventually became a meditation teacher by the day and dominant prostitute by the night.:)