Sadic Sadie

Your humiliation is my pleasure


Alter: 38

Favourite activities in a session:

  • MedicalPlay
  • Needles
  • Body Fluids
  • Corporalpunishment

No Go's:

  • scat
  • wrestling
  • pegging
  • licking
  • touching
  • rimming
  • squirt
  • fisting
  • sexualacts

Current favourite toy:
My favourite toys are small, pointy, sharp, sterile packed and they have no mercy when they are in my hands.. They slide through skin like a hot knife slides through butter..and have a small but heavy impact, well depends where I use them of course... Welcome to my needle world.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
Sadism and extreme games with a bow-tie
I strongly believe in female leadership and supremacy. You having an orgasm without earning it does not fit in that picture. You know what fits that picture? Having control over that pity meat between your legs and taking away your manhood. My sessions are sensual but not based on lust.
I'm a high end FemDomSadist with a bizarre mind without a doubt! Your most bizarre and most intense dreams can come true in my sessions. Tell me your dirtiest desires and I'll take care of them while you wonder off to your own fantasy land. But let me warn you again, I only touch you and your pitiful dick for my own fun.
Sadism is for me a escape from now days society and taking control in general. Your pain in any kind of form is my pleasure. A session must be an experience, a trip, a kind of transcendence - where pain, humiliation and freedom are deeply intertwined. Things are allowed as long it is Safe and with Consensual.
Always wanted to get to subspace? Now is the time.

What sets you apart?
My medical fascination and my knowledge that comes with this. Not only I'm a big fan of medical outfits but I love to use needles, hooks, incisions, suture, sounding, staples, saline injections, catheters and so much more medical devices. I love hardcore sessions, where the most beautiful colour of red will be visible but also slow sessions where my feet in nylons have the leading role for example are a pleasure to me.
Also I graduated as an artist at a art academy and bring lots of creativity into my sessions.

What is dominance/submission for you?
Dominance equals female supremacy for me. I've always felt we woman are a superior to men. This is a save space where I let these feelings free and let you enjoy me being a goddess. I feel men should worship woman. I love to take control, not control in general but over you.. I want to control your mind, body and soul. And captivate you in the Sadie prison.

What do you love about SM?
The power feeling it gives me. This feeling spreads out in my daily life. It made me view issues I had in my life with a different eye and made my mind more at eased. But what I also love is to nurture you after a session. Taking care of you and make you feel save, petting your head and holding your hand when you're afraid and guide you through pushing your boundaries. SM can make you concurred things you never thought you could handle.

How did you begin with this profession / what has changed since then?
I started as a ProDomme 5 years ago, kinda rolled into it after I came in contact with another Domme through the art we both made. And Sadie was born within a minute. My life has changed very much since then, like I steer my sessions, I also steer my life. It gained me a lot of self confidence for example, not just as Sadie but as a whole human being. I met amazing people over the years with the same interests and this profession made my life more interesting and exiting.

How can I make an appointment with you? When do you have time?
Write me a devoted message where you introduce yourself, your age and BDSM experiences so far. I want to know what you like but most importantly I want to know your limits and if there's room to push your boundaries. Also I would like to know what your health situation is, physically and mentally. I'm available in the afternoons and evenings. 15h to 22h. Contact me at my mail address of through a WhatsApp message. Phone calls will be ignored.