Lady Sonar

Playful Seductress - Powerful Muse


Age: 34

Favorite activities in a session:
Role Play – Erotic Sacrificial Rituals –Sensory Play & Deprivation – Creating and capturing artistic, emotive scenarios – Tease & Denial

Featured Toy:
My favorite toy highly depends on you. We all have different tastes and I feed off that. In general, I would say ‘costumes’. I love when costumes and certain props can completely transform an idea from one’s head - to reality and the transformational effect that this has on the experience.
Dressing up in a smart/casual or glamorous theme with something daring underneath, or something completely decadent or taboo to match the theme of our private event… Lingerie, masks, nylons, latex, gowns, leather, wigs, makeup, accessories, high heels, colour through costuming, pushing your boundaries with it. Even forcing you in a skirt, painting your nails, making you my good little girl, woof, my toy or my pretty little boy. Or completely upheaving your style into ‘a new you’.
Your excitement would be obvious.
I love this.
Perhaps, then….
My favorite toy, would actually be YOU!

What kind of a domina / bizarre lady are you? What makes you different?
I value quality not quantity and enjoy deep, emotive, transformative, mind blowing sessions over fast food liaisons.                             
I am fascinated with full spectrum sensory experiences, rituals, magic and ecstatic states of being through erotic expression. In saying this, I’m also a huge fan of decadence, flirty, fun and frivolous times because, well - life is too short. Equally - I wish to create experiences like these.
I want to get under your skin. I want to feel you from the inside.
And I want to feel you feeling me - if I let you.
My sweetness is equal to the sadist in me. Underestimate that and I will eat you whole.
I will savor your sweet, sweet surrender when I have you under my feet, as you honour the power and wisdom of my erotic nature, my hypnotizing voice and my dedication to your liberation through our encounters.
You will naturally want to please me, offering me your fantasies, revealing your fears… as you quietly watch me devour them, dissolve them, fuck them to obliteration and transform them into liberation.
Through the rich erotic energy in the room - I enjoy adding elements in my sessions like dominant coaching, seductive visualizations, goal setting and working on personal achievements so that you can benefit from our meetings further in your day to day life.
It pleases me greatly knowing that your life changes for the better through our encounters. And I have no doubt it will change.
I’m a huge fan of humor in my sessions. I want to laugh with you (or at you!) and make light of the dark corners of our minds.
I am the ultimate chameleon……                                  
a conduit to your emotions and your desires
a conductor of your pain and your fears - towards your self-realization.
I am a Sonar to your secrets, your fantasies and what may be in the way of them.
I adore creating tangible experiences that permeates your world beyond our physical encounter.
Or simply – we can have a deep, dark, dirty time, or something sweet and seductive - which is sometimes just as empowering.
To me, this is art.
I am the artist - you are, quite simply… willing and eager canvas.
Let me discover you.
If you let me.
If you’re ready.

What is dominance for you?
Dominance to me is a gift of another’s surrender, whilst being grounded and aware to guide and co-create experiences of a higher state of awareness for personal development, joy, pleasure and healing.
For me, dominance is to take control, drive and guide a thought, desire, wish or dream through consent, mutual interests, trust and communication - into the physical realization of itself - which quite often brings states of bliss, ecstasy and cathartic healing.
It’s also play – and having fun with it.
Letting go. There is as much surrender into my dominance for me as outward effort. This is where the magic happens.

What do you love about SM?
I love how SM is like an adult playground to self-discovery, personal growth and ecstatic experiences through the taboo.
Guiding or allowing a situation into the realization of itself through conscious communication, trust and surrender combined with the power of the connection between this and pleasure/pain.
I adore the pleasure of creating a safe space to push boundaries and get wild!

How did you start with this job / what has changed since then?
This has been a natural progression for me mostly through my personal interests, including themed events/costumes, role play, psychology, spirituality, bodywork, ‘dark things’, the taboo, shadow work, dance, breathwork, ritual – and also performance art/theatre.
I have entertained crowds at many erotic themed events worldwide plus had these themes and interests infused in my personal life since a young age. The first fetish party I attended was at 16yrs.
Since I have been more active in a dominant role, I feel more ‘myself’, empowered and excited about life.
I love how BDSM has been a way for me to tune into and direct my erotic energy towards a more fulfilling life for myself – and others.
It has only been recently that I am now offering private services professionally. So, time will tell more!