Forced Bi


Brief Overview:
You have the secret desire to feel a man but need a woman next to you or even her pressure in order to be able to realize this fantasy? Have you never had any physical contact with a man so far, or maybe just very rudimentary? Or are you already experienced, define yourself as „bilaterally accessible“ and would like to deepen this experience or (re)live it with skillful and capable players? The success of your whore/hustler training needs to be tested by a mistress, live and on a real man?

Target group:
Men who are primarily heterosexual and who appreciate sexual group dynamics. Beginners and advanced learners. Cross-dressers and trans people are also welcome!


Scenario 1
Introduction to the topic
The lady welcomes you and the gentleman stays in the background for the time being or is not yet present. Due to her strong personality, she quickly gets to grips with you and discusses the topic intensively and insistently. By means of different techniques you will get prepared for your upcoming task and the connection with the lady is deepened.
In addition to the lady, a mask can be of help in your attempt to approach a man. Once the gentleman joins in, she will check if you are suitable for different usages and she will get you to open your mouth...

Scenario 2
Training as a LUX hustler
There is a perfect whore inside you and you know that you were made to sell your body. You need a strong lady to show you how to conduct yourself when you walk the streets in the name of LUX, and when you get down on your knees to work the open flies of numerous men, or present your ass to paying customers. Obviously, you will be broken in by one of the masters of the house, either orally or anally, and he will conduct a very thorough quality-check.

Scenario 3
Classic dominant bi-threesome
You know the game and you are aware that you are supposed to fulfil the wishes of both a dominatrix and a master simultaneously. You will be examined, fingered, and your bi-qualities will be checked thoroughly by both of them. Go ahead and imagine a couple playing with you – all over your body. You will feel the strong hand of a master, followed by the soft, stimulating fragrance of this stunning lady. Finally a real guy's cock in your ass, while you are looking at this fantastic lady who is pretty much sitting on your face…
Requests for specific outfits are very welcome – just ask!


1 hour session € 465 * whit one lady an one gentleman
Duration of stay with everything included 1.5 – 2 hours

1,5 hour session € 690 * whit one lady an one gentleman
Duration of stay with everything included 2 – 2,5 hours

2 hour session € 850 * whit one lady an one gentleman
Duration of stay with everything included 2.5 – 3 hours

* proposed prices
Prices can vary depending on which ladies are taking part in the session
Included are, in addition to the actual session, a detailed preliminary talk, a shower and a relaxed after session chat.


Organisation of the date:
Please contact one of the named persons, they will organise the session