Cosy Creativity

When renovating the studio, this room was full of surprises like no other. It was also more work than all the others. Yet it was worth it, as all the “oohs” and “aahs” when we present our domicile speak for themselves.

The first impressive feature is the size and height of the room. There is space. Space for movement, play, wrestling, space to let the imagination run free. The ambience, with its combination of original wooden floorboards and the warm, exposed red brick wall, is inviting. The light shimmers softly and emphasizes the versatile fittings. Immobilization, seated, lying or standing – everything is possible. The solid, perfectly conceived bondage table provides options for complete immobilization, the slave chair is an enticing place to spend time…and the virtually freestanding wallbars are ready for creative utilization.

For caning and spanking lovers there is an antique wooden bench, worn bare and just large enough for a pupil to sit on. Those who like it more comfortable can opt for the sitting area, which is normally used for the preliminary talks. Directly adjacent is a solid, wooden bed, which is sure to inspire many an erotic fantasy. With its four big corner posts it is perfectly suited for spread-eagling and is also equipped with grips for trampling sessions.

The solid ceiling beams provide stable suspension points for shibari, slings, suspension harnesses…strategically well-placed mirrors on the wall and ceiling give the voyeur and exhibitionist interesting views. Nothing stands in the way of pleasant anticipation and indulgent contemplation of one’s own predicament.