Raw Elegance

Of course there is a steel room in Studio Lux – it’s no coincidence that two of us are called Steel.

Here there is space for special kinds of scenes: for rigorous interrogations, playful dances, caging, punishments, pain rituals, catwalk TV-training and for all other scenes that thrive on raw, elegant, industrial charm.

Whether the blinds are down, the lighting discreet and the ambience gloomy, whether candles are burning or bright daylight enters through the window screens: The stretched ceiling will always reflect what is happening on the concrete floor…
We have good reason to be proud of the green, shimmering stretched ceiling, which has been tailor-made to fit the room. The room has a wonderful ambience. The concrete floor was sanded and polished for five whole days to achieve the right effect. It feels wonderful to stand on it with naked feet and parade up and down – or perhaps kneel?

The large room is dominated by the solid, asymmetrical construction of double T-beams. Our customized design is not only unique but also extremely versatile. A sling, suspended bed or pole for pole-dancing can be hooked into it, lattice bars can be raised and bondage of all kinds can be celebrated.

However, the most thorough investigations will take place on the gynaecology chair! A really beautiful piece of furniture. Very practical for more lustful doctor games. This is also the place where many an anal fantasy can be enacted.