Studio Lux

Dear visitors* of LUX,

Dear visitors of the LUX,

Until the 31st of October we will follow the 3G rules:

Customers must provide proof of

  • daily negative test
  • complete vaccination
  • recovery no longer than 90 days ago.

Wearing an FFP2 mask is compulsory in the entire studio, also during the session.

Contact details are collected and kept for 4 weeks before being destroyed in a data secure manner.

Facial services are not permitted.


Click here for the current amendment to the Third SARS-CoV-2 Infection Control Measures Ordinance.



From 1 November, we offer a 2G / 3G alternating model:

On some days 3G still applies, on other days the 2G rules apply.
The calendar shows on which day what applies: Calendar

Contact details are recorded and kept for 2 weeks.
Sessions are only possible by prior appointment.

3G rules:

  • Proof of vaccination, recovery OR daily negative test.
  • FFP2 Mask requirement at all times of attendance for all attendees.
  • Near face services are not permitted.
  • Sessions with more than one service provider only in compliance with minimum distance and mask requirement.


2G Rules:

  • Proof of vaccination or recovery.
  • No mask requirement
  • No minimum distance
  • Sessions with more than one service provider possible



Our further offers:

  • Many of the LUX team offer chat or cam sessions.
    Here you can find an overview of the different of our team members.
    Please note that you will have to arrange all services directly with our team members.
  • Online courses

  • Personal training and coaching