Medical play

A clinic in a Domina studio should look authentic and should be well equipped.

It also should make you look forward to perverted play! It should feel real and sterile and at the same time inviting.

To make this happen we combined grey and white with vintage clinic furniture.

We chose all pieces during long online searches.

The gynaecological chair is a jewel. Heavy leather asks you to take a seat and lean back. The doctor will sit between your legs and grab what she wants… and the patient can watch it all in the big ceiling mirror.

He might find himself in segufix bondage on the authentic clinic bed or hospitalized for a long term clinic stay. The bed has already seen lusty encounters, too.

Our clinic team wanted a place for a relaxed anamnesis to take place.  We have provided a table and to chairs.

We are looking forward to amazing role play. Classic clinic c sessions, the naughty nurse number, the practical sex therapy or the appointment with the doctor who treats the aches in the pelvis area in her own special way…