Trans Hiliana Krowley

Bizarre Trans

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Age: 32

Favourite activities in a session (active and passive play):
- Analbehandlung
- Dirty Games
- Facesitting
- Toilettenerziehung
- Feminisierung

My favourite toy:
klistier, buttplugs, dildos but the best is my perverted mind and my versatile chocolate stick.

What kind of bizarre lady are you? What is characteristic about you in a session?
Sensual with a preference for unusual scenarios.

What is dominance for you?
Dominanz is a form of language, a way of communicating and exchanging energies.
A form of ritual. the desire to be sexually uninhibited and to explore novel sexual experiences.
I thrive on watching people squirm whether it’s from pain or pleasure. It means i push myself and your submissives to be the best versions of ourselves we can be. It means taking on control and responsibility for myself and others.

I am drawn to sadomasochism and get excited about interacting with other consenting people in this way.

What do you love about SM?
I like the preparation of the scene, setting up the atmosphere, preparing toys then the beginning of the scene.
What i  enjoy the most are the vibes and the high I get from my play partners and my scenes. There is nothing else like it.
Also the thrill and high from the power exchange — the mental “getting off” of controlling another person and using them for my amusement.

How did you begin this profession and what has changed since then? 
I was introduced to kink when I was a teenager. A couple of friends of mine tied up someone and took turns flogging and urinating on them. It was like a winter wonderland to me. I had to know more! That later turned into an obsession of mine.

Then another friend of mine who is a domina asked me to actively participate in some Forced-bi scenes with her and her regular clients then i started receiving lots of positive feedback and offers for more elaborate sessions from her clients and it pretty much went on and off for a while until i started doing it more.