Sex Magic

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The Art of Awareness

An intensive day workshop in English. We will be building our capacity for awareness: of ourselves and of others. We will develop our sensitivity to the energy within ourselves, others and the land around us. We will build our ability to tune in to the physical, emotional and energetic cues that we give ourselves and that others give us. We will notice where we hold, block or delight in the energy that flows through us. We will practise being congruent – being honest and open with ourselves and others about how we feel and what we need, want and desire. We will practise verbal and non-verbal communication and explore issues of energetic as well as physical consent.

Sex magic is about the ability to consciously 'work' sexual energy, for pleasure, transformation and intent. Through building our awareness of ourselves and others we become more able to incorporate this knowledge into our professional or personal work and practice erecting and taking down energetic boundaries.

The workshop will be a safe, held space and time will be taken to tune into participants' boundaries around energetic, physical and sexual contact. The workshop is for people of all levels of experience, but participants will work in pairs and small groups with others of similar levels. This means that those who have attended previous workshops, or are experienced in sex or energy work can follow the work deeper and build their skills further.
Comfortable clothing

Anyone interested in working with sex energy professionally or privately.

There will be Snacks, and we will go out for lunch (extra costs)



Al Head
I am a queer/lesbian genderqueer human. I have been a pagan for 35 years and have been leading rituals and running pagan workshops for most of this time. I've been an LGBTQ activist since the early 1980s, running sexuality- and LGBTQ-based workshops and being involved in building community. I'm also an earth and disability activist and try to work against all forms of oppression. All my work is about the healing/connecting/renewal of the earth and of us all.


date: please check the schedule on the right

time: 11:00 am - 6:30 pm

place: Studio Lux

costs: 95,- Euro
 or 85,- Euro for members of BesD or Hydra
You can also pay on the day in cash