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The reasons for chosing certain BDSM scenarios are just as diverse as our reasons to chose certain sexual acts or fetishes.


One reason can be to enjoy a silly role play and forget about every day life. One reason can be to learn something new. One reason can be to have that extra special orgasm. Another reason could be to do someone a favor. 


There are so many more reasons, and all of them are great as long as ethics are in place.


One reason to use BDSM techniques can be calling for change and transformation.


This can be but does not have to be imbedded in spiritual practice.

The beginning is always to be aware of the intention.

An intention could be to give a relationship a new meaning and to make that real by celebrating a ritual among friends.

The long term lover could become the sexual servant of his Dom during the ceremony for example.


Or the intention could be to come to terms with a break up and to cut ties. The mourning person could ask the one offering the ritual to hurt her until tears or rage are possible.


Or the intention could be to find a sense of protection and care to prepare yourself for a challenge. The ritual could be a full body rope suspension.


This workshop is about learning how to offer grand or every day life style rituals in a way that are satisfactory for everyone involved- or a real big deal…


Not only will we talk about intentions, but cover setting, techniques, time management, aftercare/ grounding.


The person who offers the ritual needs to prepare herself and goes into a mental state that enables her to tale people along into a very special mood, a different kind of event.


For that you need authenticity.


A Ritual can be successful when everyone involved is serious about it and there is no pretending.


Humour is very much appreciated!


In the workshop we will cover different kinds of settings and scenarios for rituals,

More importantly, the workshop is about the participants finding out for themselves what authentic means to every single one and also what might be in the way to feel ones own individual authenticity. 


And, of course, there will be a ritual…


Bring clothing that is comfortable and „authentic“




Emma Steel

ProDomme and performance artist from Berlin. She is interested in communication experiments that expand boundaries, in humor and in monsters. In her many workshops it is important to her that making mistakes and asking questions are allowed- so that learning is possible!

phone: +49 176 - 7857 1794



date: please check the schedule on the right

time: 11:00 am - 6:30 pm

place: Studio Lux

costs: 95,- Euro
 or 85,- Euro for members of BesD or Hydra
You can also pay on the day in cash