Lady Vyra

devilishly charming, delightfully cruel

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Age: 41

Favourite activities in a session:
Spanking, Squirting, Pegging, Water Sports, Role Play

Current favourite toy:
My hands. I am amazed at everything that is possible with my hands – spanking, penetrating, caressing, tickling, choking, slapping, gagging and so much more!

What kind of dominatrix are you?
What makes you special?

I am very versatile and have many different sides – playful and strict, mischevious with a sense of humor, hard and soft. I am a actress and love a good role play. I find it exciting to put time and effort into the details, dramaturgy and aesthetics of a scene. Are you my naughty little sister? A playful puppy?

Mutual respect and communication is absolutely essential for a good session. Before we begin, we will have a preliminary talk to discuss your boundaries and taboos. It is important to define the difference between a boundary and a taboo - I think boundaries are there to be respected, but are also there to be tested and I enjoy seeing you let me take you further than you knew you could go. Your taboos, however, are an absolute no-go.

I respect people who recognize their desires and actively seek out way to live them out, especially when your kink is subversive and outside of the ordinary. I also enjoy sessions with beginners who are interested in experimenting by trying out several new things or curious to explore a particular kink. In either case, I am excited by your desire to abandon yourself in my hands – this allows me to follow my intuition and try something unexpected. I like to experience new things and allow the chemistry to develop and take both of us on a journey into uncharted territory.

I do not offer intimate contact (GV, OV) but do not see this as a hindrance to expressing my sexuality. I prefer hands on games – slapping, hair pulling, bare handed spanking, my fingers penetrating your throat. My legs and feet are extremely sensitive and I love having them worshiped, kissed and caressed. I like showing my body and one of my favorite things to do is stand above you and squirt on your face. 

What is dominance/submission for you?
My dominance reflects who I am as a person and how I engage with the world around me – playful, natural and intuitive. In general, I see dominance as someone surrendering themselves to me and allowing me to take the reins. I enjoy creating a space in which fantasies are fulfilled and delight in seeing your vulnerabilty and porosity. I think that dominance and submission can manifest themselves in many ways but the biggest turn on for me is if at the end of a session, I have the feeling that I have penetrated you not only physically, but mentally as well.

What do you love about SM?
The creativity - each session is so different and dependent on the chemistry that happens between two or more people. I love the surprise of suddenly discovering a kink in common with someone else. I like how SM is a way to step out of everyday life into whatever fantasy or scenario you want to live, whether it is a one time whim or an ongoing game.  I see SM as much a mental game as a physical one and in that sense it is so much more exciting and electrifying than normal sex.

How did you begin with this profession / what has changed since then?
I have practiced SM for a long time in my private life and have a lot of friends who work as dominas. As they described their experiences to me, I began to think that it might be exciting to try it out myself. Working as a domina is a way for me to play on a regular basis and incorporate creativity into my work. Doing this as a job, I have new experiences. A lot of things that I didn't do before starting work as a domina have since become some of my favorite activities, such as foot worship or dirty games. My own desires have expanded and there is much more on the menu than there was before. Through this work I have the opportunity to play with people I might not have met in another context and has introduced me to people of all different ages, sizes and backgrounds. I love the opportunity to play with someone I might not have met outside of the studio and this has made it possible for me to have some of the most beautiful and intense moments of my life. I think this has made me a more empathetic, playful and interesting person. Last but definitely not least, doing this as a job allows me to wear all of the sexy clothing that I love - latex, corsets, high heels and a variety of costumes.