Harriet Hert

Come get messy with me

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Age: 25

Favourite activities in a session:
A blindfold.
Sensual touch.
Wax play.
Creating a mess.  
Natural juices - yours and mine.

Current favourite toy:
I’m drawn to the mischievous Pin Wheel. This toy would look out of place in most settings, any set of curious eyes would question its use.
It’s tiny enough to store in one’s handbag and not considered too dangerous by airport security, but don’t underestimate its power. It’s teeny enough to squeeze into each of your hidden cracks and creases. I want to discover all of your sensitive spots.

What kind of switch are you? What makes you special?
As a switch, I am capable of understanding the headspace of a dom and submissive.
I know the feeling of surrendering and being in total trust of one’s leader, as much as I know the ways of being in charge, having before me a person whom I make orders for.

I am a caring and fair dominant. The tenderness from my passive side flows into style as a Dom. As much as I spank I will kiss and caress. I strive for a connection that is met both mentally and physically. I punish when necessary, followed with affectionate reinforcement. My voice and nature are soft, but don’t let that fool you.

I am a cheeky and versatile submissive. The demanding attributes of my dominant side flow into my role as a passive. I’ll test one’s power through resistance. I’m always eager to please. Yet you might find I become greedy and in need of an equivalent amount of pleasure as you.
I have a thing for creating a mess. Whether I’m disrupting the game you’ve set in place or spreading about your juices... let’s see what beauty we can create through havoc.

What do you love about SM?
The open minded and experimental environment which allows us to tap into the present moment and let go of inhibitions. Together we can rewrite a scenario or recreate a missed opportunity. Within this safe environment there is opportunity to heal.

I love how play can easily begin with a cloth and spatula from the kitchen. If we use our imaginations, we can have fun with anything you’d find. I enjoy preparing my sessions to a certain degree and then allowing the rest to unfold … moment by moment … then seeing where the pleasure leads us.

I like the necessity for communication and it’s varying forms. The eyes may speak to each other. But will your sudden wince turning into a satisfying moan? Both of us must be present and listen, these qualities I appreciate in any setting.  

Through BDSM play, intimacy occurs in such a small amount of time. I am captivated by the nature of the interaction between two who were moments ago strangers. It’s then possible I can get straight to the core of someone - to see their true colours.

I love watching a person’s facial expression as they orgasm. It’s pure and honest. There’s not much else like it.

How did you begin this profession / what has changed since then?
My opinion on such a profession was influenced as a teenager, through watching late night crime television shows long past my bedtime. It was in these shows that I developed an admiration for an unusual role model... I favoured a special minority that was usually quick to be killed off; the sex workers. I saw these people as strong, independent, sassy and sexy.

I entered into the sex industry out of pure curiosity. I desired to try everything at least once - twice if I like it.

I wanted exploring my sexuality to be a main focus in my life. To dive deeper into this eclectic and secretive area and to accept it in all of it’s forms. For the same reason I began offering my services as an escort, I decided to work as an SM worker. That being -  I was impatient to wait years before honing certain skills. In everyday life, these pursuits didn’t arise as much as I would have liked.

I have the feeling that if I hadn’t entered into the sex industry as I did 3 years ago, somewhere along the way my path would have led me to it. The freedom, pleasure, intimacy and independence that is on offer is just too good to pass off. Sex work has allowed me to flourish into the person that I am today.