Mistress of the machine

by Lady Kat Rix

He was completely covered in black latex. Only his intimate parts were visible, exposed between his strapped up, spread apart legs, as he was restrained in the Red Salon at Studio Lux. The modern bondage device to which he was bound is a brilliant tool, made up from simple adjustable elements that render a man completely and comfortably helpless.

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Playing doctor the other way round

by Fräulein Eder

Constantly these doctor role games feature helpless and sexually exploited male patients. As if there were no male doctors with needs…
“Good day, doctor!”
“Good day – Ms. Eder? I expected a man.” Sure, after all he is a urologist. But I’m not here by accident.

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Hypnosis Session and Latex Fetish

by Emma Steel

Hypnosis is inducing a temporary change of consciousness. I use erotic hypnosis to enhance what is already going on for my counterpart. Submission, devotion...

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The greedy amazons and the first male in ages

by Fräulein Eder

He was quite a sexist and a wanker as well. The fact that he was alone taking the poorly signed hiking trail in the northern Andes was the result of a little chain of coincidences: Just two days ago he had got so drunk that he actually felt sick and wanted, as was his custom in situations like this, to make up for the drinking orgy with a sporting activity.

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To Be Helpless

by Storm

To be blindfolded and touched by Storm
What if, next time you went to a dinner party, it wasn't a dinner party at all?

What I'd Like To Do With You

by Storm

A Tease-and-Denial Fantasy by Storm
'Have you ever been teased and denied until you thought you could not take it anymore? One of my favorite fantasies to enact, this is what I will give to you if you behave for me.

Training or training?

by Emma Steel

Whore training, baby training, servant training
'Mistress Emma Steel, I need training!'
Sure you do. But what kind of training...?
In German we talk about „classical English education“ and what we mean by that is corporal punishment, spanking, caning and very strict and firm handling of the disciple.
It is known that this kind of training is one of my favourites, and my canes never get much of a break.
However there are other ways to shape my subordinates...

Ready for the Whip?

by Sub X

What happened during a session with Lady Velvet Steel

The sound of stiletto boot heels echoed around the room as Lady Velvet Steel circled me as if to inspect her prey. Click here...

Attic Fantasies

by Lady Velvet Steel

What mistresses think about when renovating the playspace

While scrapping away at the wooden floor panels of the future wooden room, some wild fantasies came to my mind. Click here...

The Plumber Transformation

by Johanna Weber

The wild fantasies of Udo, who came to plumb!

This is the story of Udo, the plumber, who encountered a whole new level of customer service in this juicy little story. Click here...