Valéria Bitte

Cheeky young Bizarrelady discovering her power


Age: 29

Favourite activities in a session:

  • Tease and denial
  • Tantric anal
  • Role playing
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Face slapping

Current favourite toy:
My strap on
My skin
My hands

What kind of Bizarrelady are you? What makes you special?
I am Valéria Bitte.
Bizarre, elegant, extravagant.
Mysterious, mischievous
soft and knowing.
I want to play with you.
Like a ball of wool in my claws, I pull on you intensively,
throw you into the fire,
just before I drop you, ice cold.
A forceful and naughty young dominatrix who is just getting to know her own power.
Like a wild animal.
I like to hit hard, but I still don’t know my own strength. Would you like to help me? Be my guinea pig and I’ll take you on a journey through pain… that will lead me to your heart.
I’m curious and I want to get to know you. I want to drive you insane and won’t spare any pains to uncover your dirty secrets, your deeply hidden desires. I just want  to look into your soul - I love playing with language.
I love my body and my sensuality. The sight of me naked will weaken your spirit but makes your flesh willing. I will bathe in your worship and adoration of my precious curves. And, who knows… should you prove yourself worthy, I might even grant you a special treat...

What is dominance for you?
The play with your body - your skin, action and reaction, overpowering, the thrill, the adrenalin… To play with your mind, sensing your wishes, your fears, to find a real connection between you and me, and then - to have you fully surrender like butter in my mouth.
I love contradictions: fear and trust, surrender and control, fire and water, tenderness and pain, goosebumps and red swollen flesh, lustful moanings and cries of pain. Magical moments come to life when they collide and merge. Moments in which we forget time and space. If you are ready to let yourself fall fully, I will lead you into the deep, as far as you dare. A session with me is always a ritual: consensual, clear, creative.

What do you love about SM?
SM for me is the ultimate connection between art, play and passion. A place in which our boldest dreams become a sensually immersive experience. A space in which our filthy and shameful fantasies can truly unfold and turn into exuberant experiences.
To me SM means creating a mystical and erotic world full of daunting abysses. These are deep and hold treasures. I love to discover something new and unique, every time, in every scene, and to learn from each moment.

How did you start with this work, what has changed?
Sexuality has always been a driving force in my life. My curiosity made me try many things, and thanks to my exploring nature I mostly found answers to my questions through experience. In my journey through the landscapes of polyamory, immersive performative art, dance, tantric bodywork, free love and sexpositive culture it  was just a matter of time until I found myself in the jungle of kink and BDSM. And here I feel at home like a black panther.
I am looking forward to experimenting and to continue merging my big passions in this work: sex, art and communtiy.