Fancy Furniture


The vision:

In a private and exclusive establishment, a dimly lit dungeon played host to a unique gathering.

Dominatrixes from far and wide convened for an evening of indulgence, power play, and refined pleasures. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the attendees prepared for an extraordinary night.

The event boasted an intriguing twist: the Dommes had selected a group of eager volunteers to serve as human furniture for the evening. These submissive people had willingly submitted themselves to the immersive experience, ready to fulfil the desires of the powerful women. The dungeon was adorned with luxurious furnishings, symbolizing the inherent power dynamic between the Dominatrixes and their submissive furniture. Music played in the background, heightening the sensual ambiance and setting the stage for a truly memorable night.

As the evening commenced, the Dommes took their seats on the living, breathing chairs and tables, commanding the attention of the room. The volunteers, dressed in tasteful attire befitting their roles, transformed into silent fixtures, their bodies supporting the weight of the Dommes, their purpose to provide comfort and utility.

The Dominatrixes relished their elevated positions, sipping on elegant, handcrafted cocktails that were expertly mixed and presented by attentive wait staff.

Conversations flowed freely as the Dommes revelled in their power, mingling with the clinking of glasses and the occasional playful swat of a riding crop.

Time seemed to slip away as the evening unfolded, with each Dominatrix exploring the boundaries of control and submission, pushing the limits of pleasure and pain. The volunteers, ever devoted to their assigned tasks, found solace in their roles, embracing the surrender and dedication required to create a truly memorable experience. As the final hours approached, the atmosphere grew even more electric, fuelled by the intensity of the encounters and the satisfaction derived from pushing boundaries. The evening reached its climax, leaving a lasting imprint on the minds and bodies of all involved. With the night drawing to a close, the Dommes gracefully bid their human furniture farewell, acknowledging their contributions to the unforgettable experience. The volunteers, no longer mere objects but individuals transformed through their service, departed with a newfound understanding of their desires and an appreciation for the world of kink.

The details:

Imagine being able to live out this fantasy in the incredible setting of Studio LUX amongst high class Dominatrixes and Bizarre ladies.
We invite you to apply to become a piece of furniture at this exclusive event where furniture can live out their fantasies in the company of Professionals.

In the package we include:

  • Four 1 hour training sessions that include training as furniture in four different positions.
  • Qualification round where participants must show the outcome of their training and Judges will assess whether further training is needed. Further training is not included in the package.
  • Main event which will include 3-4 hours of living out a fantasy as furniture.

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This event is created, organized and under the responsibility by Thora and Lasciva Lust