Vivien Fox

Roguish Queen


Alter: 39

Favourite activities in a session:
Spanking, Tease & Denial, Golden Showers, Humiliation & Objectification

My favourite toy:
Japanese Clamps. There is something incredibly hot about the rosy cheeks and pleading eyes, as the clamps tighten ever more. I’m particularly fond of the delightful little chain that joins the two clamps. All it takes is a light tug on the chain, and I have my own lovely puppet.

I like to hold your gaze as I release you from clamps after a long round of teasing. Enjoying the pain and surprise in your eyes is one of life’s true delights.

What kind of dominatrix are you? What is characteristic about you in a session?
I’m an imaginative Domina of many facets: a playful deviant with a weakness for intelligent conversation; an elegant lady with a distinct fetish for shame.
I’m the woman who whispers sweetly in your ear while her fingernails dig deeper into your flesh. And I like to hear you: The snap of a flogger on vulnerable skin, sweet begging, moans… and especially the effect I have on your breath.
My love of playful and strange scenarios is as innate as my taste for classical education. I welcome students in need of correction, as well as horny little sisters, fruitlessly-struggling abductees and obedient toys that exist just for my amusement.
I’m also attracted to sessions about pure sensation and physical release, whether through the tight embrace of my ropes, sensual penetration play, or the ecstatic possibilities of a ritualistic flogging.
As an artist and aesthete, I care about the finer details. I take pleasure in creating an atmosphere where everything else falls away, leaving us alone and deep in the moment. Your trust turns me on as much as your desire.

What is dominance for you?
It’s an authentic expression of my natural inclination to control, to guide and to support. My dominance is more subtle and bittersweet than shouted orders.
I can’t talk about dominance without submission – which I see as a gift, offered to me with trust. I’m both turned on and touched by this. I love the feeling of unwrapping someone layer by layer and touching what’s inside.

What do you love about SM?
The energy it gives me. The beauty and rudeness of it. The escape from unnecessary societal expectations. The deep intimacy that can take place in a fleeting moment. And it’s so much fun!

How did you begin this profession and what has changed since then?
I’ve been kinky forever, and played privately for many years. After being invited as ‘guest lady’ to take part in a studio session with a friend, it was a natural decision. I was immediately hooked by the special chemistry and limitless possibilities of a session – and I still am.
What has changed? My tastes and my appetite for play have expanded.