Violet Beau

Affectionate and playful and creative


Alter: 28

Favourite activities in one session

  • Dirty talk
  • role play
  • teasing
  • humiliation
  • training
No Gos
  • Lies

Current favourite toy
I like this new stainless steel dildo that was gifted to me lately. It is heavy and cold when I first touch it to my skin. It is easy to clean and looks beautiful on display in my room. I barely have to move it when it is inside me. I can adjust the pressure on the perfect spot while barely moving my wrist, this makes it a great toy to relax and spoil myself with. You would be able to see your own reflection in it while you watch me from your place on the floor.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
I  can be gentle but am always firm. I will challenge you and test you. I reward Patience and honesty very highly. I can be intense and mischievous.
I want to positively contribute to your life. BDSM is a big theme in my life and I love what I have learned through it so far. We can access pain and suffering and joy and pleasure together. I like to watch people grow and challenge themselves. Catharsis in Dom/sub dynamics is potent and beautiful.
BDSM is always important but not always serious. I love to laugh and am playful by nature.
I love using my words. From writing erotica to talking dirty. Making up stories and playing characters is fun and natural for me. I enjoy watching people react to what I say. It makes me feel like a witch - casting magic spells.

What sets you apart?
My creativity. I love to challenge myself to find new and interesting ways to solve problems. This keeps life interesting for me. I will dream up new ideas and dynamics and role plays that fit your interests and challenge your ideas. With limited resources like time, or tools or space I embrace the constraints and let it shape the outcome. Destruction is an act of creation too..

What is dominance / submission for you?
Dominance and submission to me is all about trust. It is about give and take and self reflection. It’s like a dance of power exchange. I get ideas from all areas of life; from structural dominance to mind bending ideas from sci fi or fantasy. I like to play with the mixture of big overt acts of submission and subtle but impactful acts of servitude.

What do you love about SM?
I love this side of life and feel that it teaches resilience. Facing deep submission, degradation and suffering within a frame can be incredibly freeing for example. This dynamic is an integral part of human life. Sadism and masochism are complimentary emotional states. In order to see the whole picture I believe we should all aim to explore both sides.

How did you start with this job / what has changed since then?
I started this journey in around 2019. I have taken my favourite elements of Tantra, BDSM, and sex positivity and continue to use them to learn about myself, to test my own limits and to experience life at its fullest! I love sharing what I have explored with others. It is one of the gifts that I enjoy giving the most. Since the start I think I have learned how to learn better and faster. I believe I have also become much more clear on what integrity means to me.

How can I make an appointment with you? When do you have time?
Messaging me through Fansly is the quickest way to get my attention. You can also send me an email. In the first message please introduce yourself and tell me about your interests, your availability and how long you would like a session to last.