Velvet Steel

Hand-Crafted Dominance


Alter: 45

Favourite activities in a session:
Immobilisation, flagellation, scissoring, role-play, sensual journeys of discovery for SM newcomers

Current favourite toy:
The consciousness of my counterpart. BDSM is a game that begins in the mind. As a sapiosexual dominatrix, I use your body as a means to an end: to free your mind from everyday life and to explore abysses and boundaries together.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
As a classical dominatrix I am sexually untouchable yet I do not hesitate in using my charms or revelling in your sexuality. Physicality is important to me. I like to grasp, let you feel, and I enjoy playing with my strength. As soon as our game begins, I will make you my possession.

With me you can experience old school, classical scenes. Sessions that above all are about (physical) self-awareness, but also simply pure moments of lust, for example on the mat when you enjoy my impressive leg scissors.

I am considered an expert in hard hand spanking, a reputation I'm very proud of. A proper OTK session with me really does mean persistent and hard spanking. Flagellants of all levels of endurance are also very welcome: I will carefully introduce you to the practices, show you – with steadily increasing force – the stimulating effect of the paddle, whip, flogger and a wide variety of other implements. I will take pleasure in taking you to your limits. If you have any favourite instruments, I will happily use them on you!

My great passion is role-play. We can take a thrilling journey into your fantasy world. I am particularly into punishment and interrogation scenes. I love handcuffs, tight immobilisations, military drills and cunning interrogations, imprisonment and also detailed roleplays. It would be a pleasure for me to take on your training as a sub, to teach you the right behaviour in the presence of ladies, the correct submissive postures and how to control your sexual urge. All these are hurdles that I can help you overcome with vigour. Let me know if you would like to visit the Institute for Manual Behaviour Correction – my school bench is ready for you!

I also take great pleasure in playing with your sensual and physical limits, testing your resilience or discovering your sensitive moments. Bondage helps you free your mind from compulsions, everyday life or your shame. As soon as you lie in my cuffs, your body belongs to me and you can surrender to the experience. It is wonderful if one can let go of control. I particularly like to celebrate complete immobilisations, with straps, ropes, chains, cling film, or in my mummification special 'Duct Tape Deluxe'. In these meditative sessions we will concentrate on the limitation of your movement and focus on the sensation, the moment.

I very much enjoy playing with beginners and the curious. We all started out once and these precious moments of nervous excitement and pleasant anticipation are something very special. I would be delighted if you come to me for your first experiences and share your journey of discovery with me.

What is special about you?
I take time for you, your desires, your fantasies. In addition to the "what" I am above all interested in the "why". Equipped with this knowledge, together we will be able to create a play space in which many new or secret things can be revealed. Your trust is a valuable gift for me, my discretion is implicit.

The preliminary talk is very important to me. I would like to gain a personal impression of you, know who you are, how you express yourself, what is important to you. After we have had the preliminary talk, I am happy to meet you on a different day for a session if you prefer, so that we can begin immediately "at the door".

As a dominant I am above all interested in you and your experience. I practice BDSM in my private life and look back to over a decade of professional sessions. You can be sure that I am a dominatrix because I am passionate about BDSM.

What does dominance / submission / fetish mean to you?
For me BDSM is a game between mature people. Border-crossers, explorers, pleasure-seekers, the curious, the searchers, the finders, those are my potential play partners. SM gives me the opportunity to experiment outside of social norms, to play with and experience roles that are usually made impossible by the strict corset of our society. SM is also sexuality, eroticism, desire, sometimes also healing and self-awareness, however always a safe space for us, in which we are allowed to be how we like to be.

What do you love about SM?
What I find really fantastic is the diversity of the possibilities and the tolerance that comes with it. You are allowed to be how you would otherwise never show yourself. I love to play well thought-out scenes and to experience intense moments. I find it absolutely wonderful to have a context in which one can experiment rampantly and run wild with one's play partners.