Valéria Bitte

A fine blend of exquisite desires


Alter: 30

Favourite activities in a session:

  • Bondage and restriction
  • Tantric anal
  • Role play
  • Sensual play
  • Face slapping


  • lasting damages

My favourite toy:
My strap-on
Your ass is my favorite part and I love taking ownership of you this way. Whether I open you slowly with my soft expert fingers or I fulfill you completely with my strap on. I welcome anal beginners, taking it very slow to explore this precious sweet spot, as well as seasoned experts of anal pleasures, who have come to the right address.

What kind of bizarre lady are you?
I am Valéria Bitte.
Bizarre, elegant, extravagant.
Mysterious, mischievous,
a fine blend of exquisite desires.
a tantalizing temptation igniting your passion.
I want to play with you.
Be prepared to be surprised.
Silky soft and knowing I seduce you into surrender until you melt in my mouth and I can do whatever I want with you.
Or perhaps you’re more into bittersweet flavors? Perverse and tough, I demand everything of you and capture your whole being, unconditionally.
In this game of pleasure and pain that only I can win, I’ll take you on a journey to your limits… that will lead me to your heart.

I love my body and my sensuality. The sight of me naked will weaken your spirit but make your flesh willing. I will bathe in your worship and adoration of my precious curves. And, who knows… should you prove yourself worthy, I might even grant you a special treat...

I love naked skin and am an expert on all the different sensations your body is able to enjoy.
I love using my hands. One moment they grab you, next they touch you sensually, comforting you after having given you a right face slapping. Sometimes I prefer to touch myself in all the ways you would love to do it, teasing you and driving you insane.

What is characteristic about you in a session?
I’m curious and I want to get to know you. I want to drive you insane and I will spare no pains to uncover your dirty secrets, your deeply hidden desires. I just want to look into your soul - I love playing with language and extravagant role play scenarios. You are welcome to write me your fantasies. I really enjoy playing out special stories and longer role play scenes.

What does dominance mean for you?
To play with your body -‒your skin, action and reaction, overpowering, the thrill, the adrenaline… To play with your mind, sensing your wishes, your fears, to find a real connection between you and me, and then ‒ to have you fully surrender, like butter in my mouth.
I love contrasts: fear and trust, surrender and control, fire and water, tenderness and pain, goosebumps and red swollen flesh, lustful moans and cries of pain. Magical moments come to life when they collide and merge. Moments in which we forget time and space.
I don’t switch, I will always stay in control. If you are ready to give yourself up to me, I will lead you into the deep, as far as you dare. A session with me is always a ritual: consensual, clear, creative.

What do you love about SM?
SM for me is the ultimate connection between art, play and passion. A place in which our boldest dreams become a sensually immersive experience. A space in which our filthy and ashamed fantasies can truly unfold and turn into exuberant experiences.
To me SM means creating a mystical and erotic world full of daunting abysses, deep and full of treasures. I love to discover something new and unique, every time, in every scene, and to learn from each moment.

How did you begin this profession and what has changed since then?
Sexuality has always been a driving force in my life. My curiosity made me try many things, and thanks to my explorative nature I found the answers to most of my questions through experience. In my journey through the landscapes of polyamory, immersive performative art, dance, tantric bodywork, free love and sexpositive culture it was just a matter of time until I found myself in the jungle of kink and BDSM. And here I feel at home like a black panther.
I look forward to experimenting and to continue merging my big passions in this work: sex, art and community

How can I arrange an appointment with you? When do you have time?
I am coming to Berlin regularly for a few days, where you can meet me at Studio Lux. So make sure to make your appointment in time via email. Newbies are welcome, but I definitely prefer long sessions, because I love to go deep.