I will tower over you


Alter: 36

Favourite activities in a session:

  • Nippleplay and torture
  • TENS Play
  • Tease and denial
  • Bondage objectification

Caviar, Blood Play, Intercourse, Oral, intimate touching, naked sessions, vomit, baby/underage play, diaper play

Current favourite toy:
You and your nerve endings. I love being gentle, at first, making you feel pleasure and feel relaxed before I show you the beautiful contrast between pain and pleasure. You will see me smile as your eyes widen with anticipation over what is to come next and what sensation will you be experiencing this time.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
I am a tall (187cm) Nordic woman from Iceland and come from a long line of strong women. I am a Domina because I enjoy it, it gives me great pleasure to feel someone submit to me, to give me the trust of giving them pleasure. Whether it’s through discipline, eroticism, pain or a mix thereof I find pleasure in living out my fantasies and others.

Let me run my fingers across your skin gently before lifting my paddle and bringing it down hard again to awaken all your nerve endings. I will overpower you, bind you and take control. I want to look deep into your eyes while I play with you, exploring your pain and pleasure centres. I want to hear all your thoughts, wants and fantasies while you feel my breath on the back of your neck as I bind you and collar you.

I have a great love of tools. Any kind of tools. What I love the most is to take those tools and use them to explore my subjects. I will adore attaching clamps to your nipples, I’ll look deep into your eyes and enjoy seeing you writhe under the pain. To watch your muscles tense under the touch of the flogger is exciting to me. The look of fear as you wait for the next electric shock to course through your body when I turn up the TENS machine interests me. It doesn’t matter if the tools are simple or more complicated, what I will love is how you react to them and what they do for you.

I want to devour your lust, watch as your mind and body surrender to me as I train you to my liking.

What is special about you?
I can be gentle and sensual, tough and strict. I will bring you pain, make you suffer and I will love it. I will also take great care of the trust you give me, I will show you love you through discipline, I will be gentle as I loosen the clamps off your nipples and gently caress your cheek as the pain returns and you lose your breath for a moment and I will love that too.

I enjoy what I do but that enjoyment depends entirely on how much you enjoy our
sessions with me. Your reactions, your moans, your whimpers are what fuels me and give me pleasure. I love wearing heels, the feeling of empowerment standing at 2 meters tall in them is addictive. I will love making you feel vulnerable and small, I will love towering over you and reminding you that I am in charge.

Unless we are doing role-play or session that calls for a certain dialogue I do not tend to speak much during sessions, I don’t hold speeches and I usually like to keep my orders short and simple. I expect you to listen when I speak because I do not like repeating myself either. I do offer sessions with minimal communication or dialogue, but only if a very thorough and serious conversation has been had beforehand. For those who might have sensory issues with lights, sounds or other things of the sort I also take in requests and see if there is a possibility to accommodate them.

What is dominance for you?
The power dynamic between the two, Dominating and submitting is a gift to both sides. That gift must be respected and cared for. To me being Dominant is, amongst other things, about showing a certain kindness to those who submit to you. The kindness of allowing them to live out their fantasies in a safe space with a person who respects those fantasies and the boundaries given. Of course the kindness is returned by those who submit allowing those who Dominate to live out their fantasies safely. To feel someone submit at my feet, to cradle their head in my hands as I whisper in their ears that they are mine as I put the lead on their collar is one of the most gratifying things I’ve experienced.

What do you love about SM?
There are many things I love about SM. Among them I adore the trust, the care, the strength and vulnerability shown between people. I love that for once people are unafraid of showing their primal selves, their needs and wants, and expressing those sides of themselves. The endless joy of being to express yourself in a way that was considered outside the norm with someone else, where consent, respect and enjoyment of all are present is priceless to me.

There are few things I enjoy more than a good session, even though I might not speak much I tend to laugh quite bit. Seeing the pleasure, the want, the enjoyment my subjects are feeling makes me undeniably happy.

How did you begin this profession / what has changed since then?
For me, being Dominant has allowed me to rewrite and delete decades of social programming of the mind to allow my true self to emerge and I am grateful and proud to be given the chance to do so with/for others.

Iceland is not the utopia that it is made out to be. Being a Domina there is risky as BDSM is not very well known or understood (there are no sex clubs, strip clubs or anything like that) and being a Professional Domina is impossible due to sexwork being illegal. When I had the chance to move to Berlin I decided that I would finally live out this need and fell completely in love with this career path. It is a never ending learning journey and I look forward to learning as much as I can.

How to contact me?
I work two calendar days a week, most often Tuesdays and Wednesdays but I am available most weekdays as well and I would prefer 24h notice in advance. During weekends I am less likely to be available but if given at least a week's notice in advance the chance is more likely.
I prefer written emails or messages and do not like phone calls or video chatting at all.