Tamara Solidor

Submission to Lust


Alter: 43

Favourite activities in a session:

  • Role play
  • Devotion and closeness
  • Tease and Denial
  • Humiliation
  • Playing with body fluids

Current favourite toy:
Actually, it's not a toy in the narrower sense, but it's still my favourite "tool" that will reliably drive me (and you) to the highest heights: My lust - which I will let you feel very precisely. This insatiability is both a curse and a blessing for me - and it should be for you too! It will befuddle us and tie us up, gag us and free us.

What kind of bizarre lady/sub/switcher are you?
As a switcher, I enjoy acting out many different roles. They are a mirror of my own fantasies. No matter which facet you want to get to know - they are all characterised by my lightness and closeness. This openness is liberating and can be like a door opener to dark, intense and intimate borderline experiences.
I see myself as a cougar, but for me this term does not necessarily mean an age gap between my object of desire and me, but rather the way I express my desire.

If I meet you as a bizarre lady, then it is my goal to make you submissive to me and to live out my sexual needs on you - in all the ways that seem suitable to me for this purpose. I appreciate a grand entrance and drama very much and focus all my attention on wrapping you around my finger and playing with you. You will not be able to escape my desires. It amuses me when I feel that your thoughts revolve around me and my body on the one hand, but at the same time you feel this underlying, gnawing fear that asks you: does she still want more? The answer is: yes! And I know how to take it.

Even in my sub-persona, the cougar inside me is screaming. I love to surrender to my Dom(me)s in complete abandon. I relinquish responsibility and wait needily to be used. It excites me to integrate myself into a clear power structure within the session and to be available as your pleasure object, as a willing whore. Through my closeness and my clear, physical reactions you will be able to read me very well. I wait expectantly for your guiding hand and hope for orgiastic redemption while I am at your service.

What makes you tick?
A large part of my self-image is based on intimate closeness and intimacy between me and my partners. My sessions are based on empathy and naturalness. Just as I openly show my needs, I also give my partners a non-judgemental space to develop and thus always come across new, undreamed-of kinks and desires in which we can immerse ourselves.

What is dominance for you?
Dominance gives me the opportunity to live out uninhibited sexuality. Because dominance means clarity and communication, whether verbal or physical. The rules of the game we give ourselves make it possible to let ourselves fall into our roles and to get to know and explore them away from the usual guidelines, ideas and conventions. Such physical freedom as the game with dominance has made possible for me was unthinkable for a long time.

What do you love about SM?
SM is versatile stimuli, sensory perceptions and transgressions of one's own experiences of limitation. I love how the play partners assess each other, how we explore and expand boundaries with each other, how we circle each other and develop an intimacy that functions on completely different levels than usual. SM means always being able to have new experiences that continue to have an effect long after the actual moment. As marks on the body, as new insights in the mind or simply as a beautiful memory.

How did you start, what has changed since then?
Since my early youth, I have been intensively concerned with bodies and sexuality. How can one act out freely, how do pleasure and pain inscribe themselves in the body, how does the body change and what sensations and experiences can it give me? Sexuality is an essential part of my life - and so I decided a few years ago to go in this direction professionally as well. As an escort and sexual assistant, I got to know many different people and was also able to broaden my own horizons enormously. The development towards the bizarre and dominant field was creeping at first, but then all the more insistent. So it was only a logical decision to deal more intensively with the different types of play and possibilities in this respect as well.