Serena Laurent

Luminous & Feral


Alter: 23

Favorite activities in a session

  • Roleplay- especially taboo games
  • Humiliation
  • Toying with bodily fluids- including tears, menstrual blood..
  • Tantric sparkles
  • Aftercare

Current favorite toy:
The delicious orchestra of my golden throat, sharp tongue and lush honey-like lips.
Be it singing warm hellos or cruelly piercing your weak spots just to soothe them once again with it’s hypnotizing hum.

What kind of dominatrix/bizarre lady are you?
I truly am a Goddess of the arts of changing form. Just like the waters, I play with the laws of nature. I speak many love languages- be it the boss under who’s table you have been fantasising of kneeling, the merciless hot embodiment of your deepest fears and shames, words as weapons, sharply and precisely cutting your ego into confetti, throwing them into the ether, setting them on fire, dancing, laughing, lovingly crafting a new you just like a child builds a sandcastle… Be it a mother, daughter, teacher, witch, nun, or a siren if you will...
Let the gaze of my oceanic blue eyes enchant you. High and drunken on my angelic presence, lend your strings to me- be my puppet for the night.

What makes you different?
Everything I do, including BDSM, is really just a tool- an excuse- for deeper intentions. What I am trying to deliver goes far beyond a pleasurable experience. I focus on presence, healing, joy.. I want you to leave our session feeling loved, accepted and cared for. And, of course, have much fun AND pleasure in the process.

What is dominance for you?
Sweeping the corners of our subconscious and wondering at the beauty of spiderwebs.

What do you love about SM?
Absurdity. I do love and practice SM as a celebration of our absurd and laughable human experience as a whole- with it’s clumsiness and grace, flops and victories, paradoxes and unpredictabilities..
I love the rapid shedding of people's masks of civility and good manners and the lovable rawness of what lies beneath.

How did you get started with this job / what has changed since then?
The enchanting city of Berlin is at fault. As soon as I moved here as an 18 year old person, I knew BDSM was one of my quests. Perhaps the crows chattering in the bushes told me I should dress up as a kinky witch and go play some wicked games with strangers.
I enrolled in LUX's brilliant dominatrix course and had the honour to start working here. Since my teenage years I grew more conscious, wise, present, calm and graceful. But one thing has never changed- in my world SM will always mean much more than a fun activity for a Friday afternoon.