Sarah von Kamp

The bizarr Latexdiva


Alter: 35

Favourite activities in a session:

  • Latex & heavy rubber
  • Tease & Denial
  • Objectification
  • Orgasm control
  • Roleplay

Current favourite toy:
As soon as you enter in my bizarre world, I will begin with the rubberization process: starting with a latex catsuit, latex gloves, latex socks, latex mask with a tight collar and finishing with a heavy rubber straight jacket. This will be your initial outfit, as soon as you get used to this restricted suit, I will increase the layers of latex. Don’t forget you will have always openings for your ass, nipples and other body parts I will use at my convenience.
As a good rubber slave you will be used and abused by your Mistress with only one purpose: pleasing me in any way I can imagine and be sure I have a perverse imagination.
This will be your new rubber life, without any will and surrendering to any kind of humiliation until your last resistance is gone.

What kind of bizarr lady are you?
I am a sensual Mistress with a sadistic side. I prefer to seduce and persuade my subs to do the things I want, it involves an understanding of the individual psyche of the submissive. In others words: is getting inside his head to give him what he needs to feel safe and secure while providing an intense and stimulating environment.
At the same time I am a strict Mistress then I could be sadist to discipline my slave as part of his education to become a devoted and well educated slave. But even in this case, the pain I inflict you is done with attention towards making it a sensual experience that mixes pain and pleasure.

What makes you different?
My twisted imagination, I am quite creative and a lot of ideas come straight out of my mind. It could happen during a session and also in my private life, then I start fantasizing about who will be the best candidate to try my new idea.

What is dominance for you?
Dominance is not my profession, is my passion and my lifestyle.

What do you love about SM?
The two aspects I really love about SM are the power exchange and the strong and trusting relationships are built.
Power Exchange because I really enjoy having the control of my sub and how he is surrendering in any way I can imagine.
The trusting relationships as them.
Allow me to discover the dark and wild face from people, exploring their kinks, desires and fantasies.

How did you start with this job / what has changed since then?
I started in my private life, I had my first experience with a partner then I started a journey of self discovery that concluded accepting and being proud of my dominant nature,this fact, change my life as I began to feel more empowered and stronger than ever.
since then I have earned a lot of experience and I have discovered practices and fetishes that really turn me on. learned what real female domination means.