Ruby Rebelde

The Fine Art in Dominance & Submission


Alter: 43

Favourite activities in a session:

  • Spanking
  • Role play
  • Hypnosis
  • Dirty Games
  • Tickling

Current favourite toy:
Your skin.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
I am free and do not fit into the clichee of BDSM and Paysex, you are invited to draw your own conclusions. I am wild but I will tame you and make you behave. I like to sneak into your subconciousness and play with it. I am soft and smooth but own a hard, sadistic core.
Well, you got till here, so you want to know more?

I know both sides of power and submission and I indulge into our session. Most of my guests enjoy my dominant and sadistic aspect, but I do have a little devotion in me too. You would like to switch? Yes, we can, but we don`t have to. You can surrender my to a complexe and passionate player with a lot of experience.

You are allowed to touch me, our bodies will convert into the surface of sensual experiences. There will be no intercourse, but there is so much more to make our encounter unforgettable, right?
I love discipline, using the hand, receiving and giving. We can explore deep into domestic discipline, English Education. Giving I am very happy to bring different tools and toys to life. cane, paddle, tawse, wooden spoon, what are you into? If it suits you we can define a sophisticated scenario around aims, goals, punishments and expectations, in pain and passion will be very close together. Receiving I like the softer and gentle tones in combination with intense body play without marks.
Textures, Fetishes such as latex, leather or nylon stockings are another of my preferences. Would you like me to wear it for you, or should we both dress up, or should I „make“ you wear it for me? Touching, breathing, holding, inhaling the scent, smelling – BDSM is a holistic play form e which should adress all senses. Therefore I like to use sensual deprivation, restriction to make you feel even more or intensify your feelings.

Dirty Games: As the active and giving part we can enjoy really dirty sessions at the limit. It is possible to be led by me in a very soft and understanding, sensual way, but also consequent and strict. We will create a space for this kink of yours: Toilet educations, scatplay, golden shower, you name it. I do not offer vomit. If you would like to enjoy a scat session with me I need to know the day before and I can only offer it till 5 PM every day.

I very much enjoy diaper play, adult baby education or role-play with age-play-aspects. Humiliated or secure and accepted, I will look thoroughly after the little one, in order to allow you to let go and travel back to the age you prefer.

Hypnosis is a technique of deep relaxation and suggestion. One can build a whole world only inside the subconscious while resting and imagine. It visualizes deep needs and can tie a strong bond between the client and the hypnotist. It is a very probate tool to indulge in fantasies which are beyond a personal limit, to deepen worship and reverence. I can guide you into this intense world full of kink and sensual imagination.

Tickling and being tickled: This will be a session at the limit or beyond. Tickling or being tickled is one of the utmost intense and uncontrollable feelings which can occur. Loss of control, tears, outburst of laughs, erotic ecstasis, screams and multiple orgasms make me love this kind of play. I enjoy being the passive or the active part.

What makes you special?
I am very empathetic and sensitive for undertones. Beginners can confront themselve with their inhibitions, we will initiate an erotic process and explore. Experienced and advanced BDSM-persons will like my lack of taboo and my open mind and honesty in communication. I am still very curious about kink, variety and limits. I love to talk with you on a high level about our sexual preference without being arrogant, but one moment later I can fuck your mind without any warning.

What is domination/submission for you?
Domination does have to do with leadership for me. The capacity to compose action and reaction.
Submission ist he ability to let go and indulge into behave, obey and enjoy.

What do you love about SM?
BDSM is communication for me. Friction causes warmths and antagonism creates intimacy. In a session we open up for the other one, create a space and start to play. SM challenges and overcomes limits. It is a very interesting process to observe and be part of that, and care for a wholesome and beneficial environment.
SM means freedom to me, pleasure, aesthetics and to spend time in a wonderful way.

How did you begin with this profession/what has changed since then?
BDSM always played a role in my private life. Sexwork I started as an escort in a fetish agency doing incalls to hotels. Part-time while working in a dayjob. I liked it so I worked in a brothel and an erotic club, still part-time. It was an adventurous time and I very much enjoyed it. Because it was so nice I qualified as a psychological coach and worked professionally with clients, focussing on sexual topics. An unwanted outing made me decide for professional sexwork and political activism as a whore. After the outing I lost my dayjob and the social side-effects were quite rough, too, all in all it was a painful process but today I am very happy with my profession and I am happy to focus on sexwork.