Ron Hades

sensual dom, authentic bondage master


Alter: 35

Favourite activities during a session:
Bondage (in particular Shibari and meditative)
Humiliation of all kinds, and domination of my greedy sub
Intimate and sensuous sessions with couples

Current favourite toy
I love to play with the will and consciousness of my sub, taking hold of their reins. Additional toys, aids and objects that I use include rope, clamps, and whips, as well as my own body. However, I’m fundamentally open to using any kind of toy.

What kind of a Dominus are you?
I’m a versatile Dominus – I have a host of character traits that I use to inhabit different roles. I like to dominate my victim as I see fit. My sadistic core really is unique. I lead my devoted sub into a session in an empathetic way, take control, and push them to be a better version of themselves. My own pleasure remains at the forefront, but my sub’s fullfilment finds its place there too. My dominance expresses itself first and foremost on a bodily, physical level, but I also master the necessary vocabulary, the language of a Dominus. I like to use toys and other objects to demonstrate my power. Loyalty, professionalism and trust are, of course, tantamount to what I do – only in this way can my subs feel safe. They are in good hands. A devoted sub searching for a real connection with an empathetic mind always be right with me.

Was makes you special?
My subs appreciate my empathy and my ability to sense what they really need. My method of expressing dominance and power is very authentic. My subs can feel that, and this enables them to go further with me in a session than they ever previously thought possible. As I’m a very sexually open person, I offer my sessions to both men and women, as well as couples of any sexual inclination.

What is dominance / submission / fetish for you?
For me, BDSM means, above everything, the ability to be myself. My position of power and the submission of my subs have become an encompassing, important part of my life. Dominance, power and control – that’s what I’m good at and this is how I can live it. I think that fetishes can be an amazing part of BDSM, but they don’t have to be. They can be a powerful part of anyone’s sensual development.

What about SM do you love?
Very little gives me more pleasure than telling my sub what I want, what I need, what they should do and have done to them. I’m particularly excited by playing with boundaries, pushing further, again and again. Sadism and intimacy are deeply connected. My sessions are not only defined by dominance and humiliation, but also by a trusting and emotional sense of unity.

How did everything start and what’s changed since?
The need to control situations and events has always been a decisive part of my character. In my personal life, this need became clearer and clearer when it came to sex. I always enjoyed dominating my partner and controlling sexual activity. Toys, leather, and rope gradually made their way into my bedroom. In my professional life, I’m a new Dominus and I’d like to keep developing my aptitude and interest. I’m open to experimenting with anything new.