River Roux

Make me moan and teach me manners


Alter: 30

Favourite Toy:
Your hands! Will you gently let them run down my body and grab me firmly as you’ve reached my sweet, round butt? Will they leave marks on me that I get to enjoy for days to come? Bring me to my knees? Caress me? Be inside me until everything’s a blur and I sink into your arms? Please, show me!

What kind of sub are you?
Yours. The sub you’ll make me be.

I have tried plenty of times to find words for my devotion, just to discover a new version of myself in every scene. My little heart skips a beat thinking about who I’ll get to be for you!

Subsequently, the question is: What kind of dom(me) are you?

Is exploring your dominant side a first for you and you need a sub that’s ready to receive you, from your gentle touch to your first stroke with the cain? Then I’ll guide you through your first session and beyond - quite literally bottom up, if that is what you wish for.

Or the contrary: Experienced, caring but strict, leading me gently towards becoming your perfect little toy? Then I’ll look up to you with big eyes, my body willingly following your lead. Pleasing you becomes my mission and my every thought.

Maybe you are looking to tame the bad girl in me? Find out how to keep that compact little thing in front of you nice and quiet? Watch me, my willing little mouth gagged and protesting till exhaustion disciplines me?

Or maybe you want me strapped to the table, my toned body exposed and drive me from orgasm to orgasm, no mercy in sight? Then expect a submissive that gives her all to stay yours just a little longer, every fiber of my body begging: More, more!

What makes you special?
You’ll meet me with a cheeky smile on my face and even cheek-ier thoughts in my mind. I am energetic, but calm; naughty, but tender; strong headed, but tame in the right pair of hands. Devoted by nature and character, my passion is to dive deep into your phantasies, from gentle and tender to rough and hardcore. Being all yours is when I am the happiest.

My androgyny is what sets me apart, in play and daily life. Mother nature has not only given me the gift of big eyes, high cheekbones and a firm, perfect butt, but also a raspy voice, no breasts and a slim, toned body that only accentuates my boy-ish features. Or, to say it in the words of a dear friend: ‘...clothes came off to reveal a spectacular body unlike anything I’d ever seen before. Sexy. Strong. Sleek smooth. Beautiful. Handsome. An androgynous dream.’

What is submission to you?
A gift that I love to give to you - and me! Submission is arriving in the here and now, creativity, being close and experiencing how much joy my body can give to us both, if I hand it over to you. And: It’s allowing myself to fully enjoy all the little, perverted fantasies I have in my head. No one can tell me that I got this dirty mind to be a good girl.

What do you love about BDSM?
BDSM is a huge playground that I get to explore and enjoy. What I love is the diversity available to us, the creativity I get to live and the closeness we get to experience. Oh, and I just absolutely love having sex. From gentle to rough, from naughty to tender. The list of my unfulfilled fantasies and desires is long. Maybe you’ll help me to make them a reality?

How did you start with this work? What has changed since?
My devotion has been with me since I started my studies and has been the perfect study-friendly way to combine pleasure, practicality and my seemingly endless desire to explore whatever deviance I can find in me. And I’ll keep exploring until I’ve found it all.

How to make an appointment?
The most pleasurable way to begin our adventure is to send me an e-mail with a concrete idea for our date, including the date, time and duration. If you want feel free to write what you intend to do to (& with) me, so I may know what to look forward to! My schedule is flexible. You find me at the studio on my calendar days or any other day you wish, if you let me know in advance. Kisses!