Ms. Pepper Topps

Be my favorite toy..


Alter: 30

Favourite activities in one session

  • Gentle Femdom
  • Sensual Sadism
  • Tease and Denial
  • Playfight
  • Anal, Nipple and Genital Treatments

No Go's:

  • FS
  • scat
  • anal passive

Current favourite toy:
Currently: strap-ons, strap-ons and more strap-ons. Oh, the possibilities those entail. Shape, color, size, location on the body - and who is actually being satisfied or being used with it?
Imagine you are lying naked and tied up on the bed with the strap-on strapped around your waist. I kneel over you and look at this beauty for a deep breath with a smile of anticipation on my face. Then I unbutton my lace body in the crotch and come closer... How does that feel to you?

What kind of bizarre lady are you?
I am an incredibly playful person and BDSM is my bizarre playground. Our bodies offer so many possibilities for different sensations, reactions, fantasies, emotions and pleasure. But let's be very pragmatic, I'm a sadist, a reaction fetishist with a dirty mind. I'll play you with loving dominance.
I enjoy playing with my touchability. Enjoying distance and closeness to the full. To show you my desire, to use you for it. To drive you insane with pleasure and pain.
Surrounding the session, I am your accomplice and partner-in-crime. I create the right space for exploring your innermost needs or for intensively living out your (bizarre) desires.
My paths to your happiness are sometimes unfathomable, but you will learn to trust me.

What sets you apart?
I like to reflect on apparent contradictions. And then realize that they are actually no contradictions at all for me. Pain and pleasure. Power games and being at eye level. Surrendered and safe. Shame and pride. Restrained and free. Being naked and dominant at the same time. Being approachable and dominant at the same time. Quietly claiming the room's attention.
That makes it easy for me to leave clich├ęs behind. I like to let you experience exactly this dissonance during a session and experience that it is not either A or B, but a colorful, intense mixture.

What is dominance / submission for you?
I see submission and complete dedication as a sign of great trust. And I treat this gift accordingly. My dominance is caring, sometimes loving even. My perfect D/s-dynamic is best captured in this tiny moment of a dominatrix kiss, when you gape open-mouthed for this delicious drop that is already hanging in the crackling air between our two mouths. You know, this drop is a gift from me to you. A sign of deep appreciation.

What do you love about SM?
If my profile reads almost cute until now... here I must admit that I can be a merciless and malicious bitch. Laughing is my form of humiliation. "No" is not a safe word.
I love exploring how you respond to different types of pain. What creates desire for more? What is punishment? What is pure relaxation?
SM sessions with me can be wild, rollicking and loud. Or subtle, quiet and very intimate.

How did you start with this job / what has changed since then?
I started out with rather conservative estimates of my own boundaries - out of common sense. Ever since, my list of no gos has shrunk, my touchability has grown.
With every new fantasy or practice I come across, I become more curious.

What has remained absolutely unchanged: My lack of understanding for requests that try to negotiate my listed limits.

How can I make an appointment with you? When do you have time?
Appointments are possible starting at 1 hour playing time. Preferably on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. Exceptions confirm the rule - if you ask kindly and my private life allows it.
Shorter sessions are possible on my calendar days only.
For new guests I insist on a deposit.

Additionally to the session duration, there is enough time to arrive, get to know each other, freshen up and for aftercare. Therefor you stay with me in the studio longer than the actual session duration. Keep that in mind when you let me know your availability.

Inquiries are preferably sent by email, but you can also try your luck by phone.
In any case, let me know 2-3 appointment requests (date, time/day, duration) and your fantasies and wishes for our session.

Looking forward to getting to know you.