Mistress Firewolf

Submit all power to Me


Alter: 37

Favorite activities in a session:
   Corporal punishment
   Bondage / Shibari
   Boot worship
   Lesbian Cuckolding

Current favorite toy:
My owned subs are My favorite toys! Having them serving Me while training them into perfect submission brings Me the most joy.

Some actual BDSM tools I find special pleasure to use on subs are leather whips and canes. Unleashing My power with the whip over some vulnerable flesh is a feeling I treasure and fires Me up. The strict, methodic nature of caning brings out the English discipliner in Me - I love watching a bum getting more and more red with marks until bright purple!

Another of My favorites are chastity devices. Owning your manhood is the ultimate prove of ownership and submission. Not being able to touch yourself will in every moment remind you of My dominance and control over your whole persona.

Of course, not to forget My hands! The most versatile instrument... Spanks, caresses, sweet or firm touches, scratches, feeling My touch over tight rubber... you are sure to be adoring My hands!

What kind of dominatrix are you? What is special about you?
I am an extremely seductive, sadist yet playful Mistress. Well-read and fit, elegant in My style, sweet and cruel in My manners… Under My spell, you will do everything to please Me. I love & demand being treated like the Goddess I am.

While I understand & am respectful of boundaries, I very much enjoy pushing them to their limits, expanding My play and your submission to the max. I love having you tied up, completely at My mercy. You will find there is no escape from Me: you will be bewitched and trapped into My spider net at once.

I take extreme pleasure in watching you suffer, moan and squirm in front of Me, your Mistress. In having you humiliated for Me, crawling to My feet like a dog, adoring, licking and sucking My boots or worshipping My body in latex. In controlling your breath and your every self. In having you locked in chastity and teased to the extreme. In turning you into My sweet sexy little doll and using you up and down as I desire. In introducing beginners slowly but firmly into the wonderful world of submission and servitude. In training you into My perfect sub.

Remember: Your body belongs to Me. Your mind belongs to Me. My wish is your command. You will submit to Me, completely. This is where you belong, under My Feet. Submit all power to Me.

What is domination for you?
Domination is applied knowledge, confidence and savoir-faire.
Domination is being aware of the Goddess I am.
Domination is showing you where you belong, under My feet.
Domination is complete power over you, My sub.

But domination isn’t just about humiliation and power. In a world that severely restricts permissible sexuality and identity, domination is the art of guiding a sub through their own self-expression, and affirming that is healthy & beautiful.

What do you love about SM?
The power rush I experience when a sub takes sweet, sweet pain for Me excites Me to no end.
I love the incredible healing tool this is, for both of us. The catharsis of having you releasing tears of pain, joy and adoration at the same time, letting go of everything else of life that hurts. Canalizing that pain into a higher state of being, an utter fulfillment. A purpose in life.
SM can be a powerful game that bring us into alignment with our whole being and true self. Our true colors are revealed, and our soul is given a safe space to speak.
How did you begin this profession / what has changed since then?
My reasons to work as a professional Dominatrix are those of a triple nature:

My main motivation to choose this life path was and will always be training men in feminism. I believe in the therapeutic and political power of Female Domination. People who were born and identify as males still hold most of the power and privileges in this world and often find themselves struggling with this power, which they recognize or intuit as wrong and unjust. They do not deserve nor want the extra pressure and privileges that an unfair society has put onto them. Submitting to Me, they find Salvation: I am their healer - that being said, I do love playing with women and non-binary people, and a play session can be just as liberating and therapeutic for them, being respected and cared of for their true selves by a fellow femme willing to guide them into the wonderful world of BDSM.

As an artist I consider Female Domination just as another art of Mine. I take all My endeavours to artistry and especially enjoy interconnecting them to create them anew. The work of the artist is to live in a state of play. And play is indeed the fuel of My work.

Last but not least, I am a sadist. I find joy in being able to release My sadistic urges in a controlled, consensual, safe way, that will be only beneficial to all parts involved. As a Dominatrix, I have plenty of opportunities to indulge in My sadism while bringing My dear masochists to healing catharsis.