Mistress Calypso

Queer English rose


Alter: 30

Favourite activities in a session

  • Caning
  • Prostate massage
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Spanking
  • Teasing

Current favourite toy
My finger. The tips so tender, sensitive, and soft — but with a small movement I can dig in hard and deep with my sharp nails. With my finger in the ring of your collar I can control you exactly as I like — not to forget what I can do when I explore the most sensitive parts of your body with my fingers.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
Like an English rose, I have my pretty flowers and my sharp thorns: I am a classical dominatrix with a queer twist. The stereotypical merciless mistress is just one side of me, because I love to play with contrast in BDSM. It’s not the torments in themselves that fascinate me, but the intimacy which it signifies, an intimacy which is always present in BDSM. So I also show my sensitive side, but in a moment I can turn that too into a tool of sadism as you discover that I maybe just lulled you into a false sense of security, or I persuade you that you can bear just a little bit more for me.

What makes you different?
The mix of care and strictness which I use to discipline subs and draw them into my control. Especially with beginners who have little or no experience with BDSM, I love to mix these two sides of my dominance.

What is dominance for you?
To take someone by the hand. To lead them into new worlds and new experiences. Delighting in the trust in me which my sub shows me. Taking this trust and using it for our mutual fun. Dominance is not just about giving orders and punishments, but about the

What do you love about SM?
Playing with the body’s own drugs. Your moaning, struggling, and wriggling — maybe voluntary, maybe reflexive — under my watch and my control. Driving you to a unique and unusual climax: you fly out of your own body; your skin feels like it’s on fire; you don’t know up from down any more — but you’re only experiencing what your own body can give you when it’s stimulated so intensively. Guiding someone into these worlds, and using them to make them my toy, is always a special pleasure for me.

How did you start with this job? / What has changed since then?
I had my first experiences with BDSM in England. One could say I got a taste for it, because barely six months later I moved to Berlin: the kinkiest city in the world! Here I learned more and more, met more and more cool people, and realized how much I wanted to work with the kinky arts.