Miss Juliette

Dirty Passion & British Charm


Favourite activities in a session:
Messing around with bodily fluids, erotic domination, active/passive/switch, oral pleasuring, anal play

Current favourite toys:
A blindfold and two strong hands, my body and my desire.
My strap-on and anal toys. My roleplay outfits.

What kind of submissive/switch/bizarre lady are you?
I am natural, playful, very touchable, humorous, easily aroused and extremely passionate. I love closeness, sensuality, kissing, naked skin. Things that are perverse and forbidden also turn me on.

I have a special passion for golden showers and other bodily fluids, especially in combination with naked skin or latex. I reward connoisseurs with kisses full of golden nectar.

In the active role I love anal play. Every bit of that journey is exciting for me—from gently slipping my finger inside a shy newcomer to pleasuring the more hungry with my hand, strap-on or dildos.

I love experimenting and trying out new games and toys. I enjoy playing with both beginners and experienced players.

I very much enjoy dominating you. I lead firmly but with empathy, using your body for my own pleasure.  But I can also take as good as I give, should you wish to turn the game around. Switches are very welcome.

Dominant gentlemen with a sadistic touch will discover that I am a willing play partner. I can go very deep, once we know and trust each other. In the past years I have experienced a surprising and wonderful expansion of boundaries with some special doms.

I am happy when you bring your fantasies and ideas for games with you. That inspires me, gets my imagination running wild and turns me on. With me you may smell, taste, feel. I enjoy incorporating all of the senses into our play.

I find all kinds of play fun and interesting, be it age-play, pet-play, resistance-play, dirty-talk or dirty games. I also enjoy extreme games and I love daring experiments and breaking taboos.

I particularly enjoy roleplays – whether simple and humorous or deep and complex. Would you like to apply for a job at my British company? I will take pleasure in assessing your abilities. Or feel free to book an appointment with Doctor Juliette. As a certified sex coach I will test your stamina and potential for passion.  

I have always had a soft spot for beautiful stockings. This has developed into a true stocking and pantyhose fetish. Delicate nylon against skin or pantyhose on myself or my studio guest give me great joy. You are also very welcome to wear dessous in my sessions.

I enjoy touching your body. As a masseuse, I know how to help you relax with oil and a gentle or strong touch. I specialize in dominant massage, playful tantra massages including golden showers, as well as anal and prostate massages and long slow cock massages.

What do you love about BDSM?
I have developed a deep connection to my own body and to BDSM or so-called “conscious kink” through dance, tantra and sexological bodywork. This has led me to experiment with bondage, pain, impact and sensation, roleplay and other journeys of discovery, through which I have experienced my own body and other people’s bodies on a passionate, playful and intense level. For me, BDSM is a powerful tool for being in the moment—creative, free and unrestrained. It creates a space in which I can share intensity, passion and intimacy, a space that also allows for humour, light-heartedness and curiosity.  

I also find that elements from my training as a certified somatic sex coach can be combined very well with BDSM and roleplay.

How did you begin this work? / What has changed since then?
I have a passion for kink in my private life and have always loved the special moments and intense connections experienced through surrender and power play. Through my studio guests I have discovered an incredible range of new things. And the journey is not over yet.

I like the fact that my experience attracts many special guests: Newcomers quickly gain trust and feel very comfortable. Guests with more experience know they can go deep with me.

Recently, I have been enjoying my new role as a kinky escort.  I especially enjoy overnight or weekend dates as I love to combine kinky play with a good meal, or a visit to the theatre or a concert. Travelling is also one of my passions. I love these timeless moments, this opportunity to immerse myself without hurry, the possibility to go deeper and deeper with one another.  Body-to body, in the heat of the play. For many hours.

I take great pleasure in the diversity of my guests, in their openness and trust–and in particular in the surprising, sensual, passionate and perverse fantasies that they share with me.

I enjoy playing with men, women, couples, men dressed as women, women dressed as men and everything in between. I particularly welcome people and bodies that do not conform to what is considered mainstream.