Miss Flora

Sadistic kitten


Alter: 34

Favourite activities in a session:

  • Foot Worship & Trampling
  • Exploring Pain Limits
  • Pegging and Anal Stretching
  • Pet play
  • Double Sessions with Domme / Sub / Bull

Current favorite toy:
I have a very hard time deciding, but I absolutely love my strap-on. When I slowly slip into my harness and tighten it, my face already lights up with a smile as I notice your excitement suddenly rendering you all quiet. After an intensive examination and warm-up of your bottom, I know exactly what size you need. I enjoy probing around inside to find out how deep and how fast I can go to test your and my own stamina. With my free hands, I can also choose between torturing and petting, depending on how willingly you let me take you ...

What kind of dominatrix are you?
I am a sadistic kitten who will lure and stroke you with all four of my velvety paws. It will comfort you and drive you wild. However, this tender treatment  is only earned if you surrender to the various pain levels of my claws and obediently follow each of my instructions without any objection or resistance...

What defines you?
My drive for playing as well as my curiosity are unlimited. I love exploring new kinks and getting inspired by your ideas. Boredom in a session is one of my taboos, but this does not exclude calm and quiet times where we enjoy or endure tension. I enjoy getting physical and sweaty from leg scissoring, playful wrestling, face sitting, heavy impact play or intense strap-on use. I consciously use my petite and fit body, my toned round ass and soft, playful feet to make any fetish-lover coming back for seconds. I enjoy sensual and gentle play a lot, but I get a real thrill out of testing the pain thresholds of my play partner. I am a passionate sadist and it pleases me if you are willing to go through a lot for me.
The intimacy of a session with just me and you is something I desire and love, but with others joining us, we can create exciting new dynamics. My gorgeous slave girl, Sonjuscha, loves to sooth you at my command. She will suffer and serve me by your side or be your reward. Adding a second dominant lady to the game will ignite a flame of creativity in respect to  even meaner methods to make you submit completely. We will drive you insane with lesbian cuckolding or tease and denial. For cuckolding sessions with male-bodied energy, I have a bisexual, trained bull that you will serve in various ways at my command. I love including and directing many people in our play to raise the erotic tension...

What is dominance to you?
In my view, dominance includes taking responsibility and caring for the sub as well as empathizing and involving his/her/their needs and taboos. The aim is to guide subs to their pain, shame, and pleasure limits, and to bring them back safely afterwards to show them the full extent of their physical, emotional, and mental existence.
The dominant role allows me to overcome the boundaries that exist between two strangers and to actively move forward to you without hesitation - as far as you let me. This can be done by words, by gentle or hard touch, or even by breaking skin. With the help of your lust, I can transform your sexual energy into playfulness and courage and guide you through an experience free from constraints and norms.

What do you love about BDSM ?
Everything! It begins with forgetting about the outside world including its rules and norms and creating your own instead, under which you can play freely. I love testing my own and your boundaries, being creative, collecting secrets, and creating memories that belong to you and me only. These unique moments are so intense that I lose myself in time and fully surrender to the present moment. “BDSM” is a magic spell to let the inner child awake.

How did you start with this job / what has changed since then?
Only a few months after discovering my dominant side, I came across terms like "tribute" or "findom" in the realm of the internet and realized that this could be integrated in play to make it even sexier. I was thrilled about being able to explore many new fantasies in such a short time and meet people I would have never met otherwise. My experience has been enriched enormously, not only in play, but also in terms of human connection. This world is still quite new to me and very exciting. There is still so much to discover and explore and I am looking forward to learning more about my play partners and myself.

PS: I would love to play more with people who don't identify as cis male and fellow sex-workers, therefore, I have a special offer.