Lovingly sadistic


Favorite activities in one session:

  • Dirty Games
  • Clinic
  • Looning
  • Feet/Bootworship
  • ABDL

No Go's:

  • GV
  • OV
  • permanent damage

Current favorite toys:
My favorite toy is you. Because I love to use your body as a as a playground for my nasty desires - no matter if with needles, impact toys or my heavy boots. A tingling feeling goes through my body, when I see your pain, your fear or your disgust. All the time you will feel my razor-sharp gaze on you.

Nothing escapes me and I follow exactly how your gaze, your breathing and your sounds change under my treatment. I especially enjoy using my body, making you breathe harder with my bare weight . My fingers can hardly wait to pinch your skin, scratch you, caress you, or make you wait very slowly until my hand suddenly beats you mercilessly. I also like to use my feet.

Which kind of Bizarrlady are you?
I am a loving Bizarrlady, with the certain sadistic extra. I will first of all catch you with my attentiveness, but before you know it, you'll be exposed to my vulgarities - and you will love it. I will take care for you, only to do unspeakable things to you right after that.. My seemingly gentle nature turns into an unyielding consequence from which there is no escape. I love to take on different roles, to style myself and to embody the most diverse characters. Role playing is in my in my blood.

I turn into your nasty nurse, become all mean when I burst your beautiful balloons, educate you strictly as a mistress or or give you hell as a gothic goddess with my heavy boots. It is always very important for me to have a good communication with you, before ,during and after the session. I give you space to talk about feelings, fantasies, desires and fears so that you can completely let yourself go with me.

What is dominance for you?
Dominance means to be in my power. I control you, guide you. I decide what we do and I like to go and I like to push your limits. If you want too, we'll go further. I love it when you listen to me carefully and I want to see your efforts to please me. Your inner struggle, your agony and your efforts are a pleasure to me. Oh - and when you make a mistake, my eyes shine. I will punish you relentlessly, dominate you lustfully and shape you completely according to my wishes.

What do you love about SM?
I am especially fascinated by the diversity of the game and the creativity. I love to give space to the different sides in us. With me you can live out your most secret fantasies. Together we can playful and full of fun discover new preferences or take a journey to your deepest longings. I think it is important that taboo practices are lived out and that difficult experiences can be dealt with sensitively or confrontationally in a creative way. I also see the enormous healing potential that BDSM plays bring with them in which past experiences of powerlessness can be reprocessed in a consensual way.

In this regard, it is a particular concern of mine to make this space available to queer people.

How did you start this job, what has changed since then?
I started working professionally as a dominatrix 4 years ago, after being privately active in the queer BDSM scene in Berlin. I have found a vocation as a dominatrix, where I can completely unite my strengths: Empathy, creativity and the pleasure of torture. Here I can share my preferences with my play partners.

How to make an appointment with you, when are you available?
Write me with pleasure a WhatsApp or an e-mail with your wishes, when you have time and how long the session should last. I never work on Monday. I would be happy to arrange with you on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I am also open for other days.