Lucien Lafayette

Welcome to Berlin by night


Alter: 33

Favorite activities in a session:

  • Enslavement & Dehumanization
  • Degradation & Humiliation,
  • Genderplay,
  • Petplay,
  • ..and your ass!

Current favorite toy:
I love Sextoys! But toys are just tools. Only the purpose for which you use it gives them a deeper meaning. My current favorite scenario on the topic toys is called: "Stuffed chicken in the laying battery". First you will be fixed in the gynaecological chair, cage or bondage frame motionlessly and helplessly and then gradually everything we have will be put on and into you: Erosteck, electrotoys, milking machine, fucking machine, CBT device, vacuum bells. Continuous fire on all erogenous zones until you go insane. Primitive but effective. And I also have two skilful hands and feet. Also two long legs and something long in between.

But besides all that high-tech fireworks, I always have my favourite tool in my handbag. It is the Swiss Army Knife of the ProDom - the ordinary 9m bondage rope. This may sound a bit unspectacular at first, but underestimating me is the worst mistake you can ever make. I am highly gifted in spatial thinking and endlessly mean. That makes me the most dangerous person with a rope in Berlin.

For example, I can not only tie you up with it, i can knot harness, humbler, collar and dog leash to walk naked in the forest. I can get really creative and tie everything up in your intimate area in CBT, add a "small" weight, pull a loop through your ass cheeks to fix your hands behind your back and leave enough leash in front to show you as pathetic and ridiculous as you look in the club or fix you between the urinals to be used as a toilet by everyone. I can even tie knots inside people that are too thick to get out. You can't even imagine the feeling you feel when I pull the other end. So with me and 9m of rope every piece of furniture becomes your torture bench, every room becomes our playroom and no moment with me ever boring.

What kind of dominum, dominatrix or dom are you?
What kind of dominus, domina or dominum I am, is a question I have asked myself for quite a long time. The smartest answer was to accept that I do not fit into any drawer. I am neither stereotypically feminine or masculine, nor strictly classical or modern. I am a postgender queerdom. I am far above gender issues and I am the best as well as the worst of everything. I wear 8 inch high heels to a 8 inch cock, Nike Air sneakers to the latex catsuit or makeup to armyboots. Only one thing always remains the same - you lick my hooves. And that includes the sole. I don't are, if you call me master or mistress, as long as you kneel when my name comes over your lips. But, if you wanna pleasure me, call me "Mastress"

If there is a lack of submissiveness or devotion, do not force yourself and dare to do it quietly. I dont only look very adorable in leather and lacquer, but I am also experienced enough to send anyone to the floor who refuses to obey me. So I can be your loving mistress or your most painful nightmare. Depending on what is appropriate. The love for a god feels as warm as his anger is to be feared.

But I would rather call myself a tour guide. On a journey into the deepest abysses and highest ecstasy of the human soul. There where one finds what we enjoy in the game: conflict, struggle, defeat, dominance, defenselessness, helplessness, foreign control, loss, abuse, torment, baseness, coercion, pressure, terror, fear, torture, training, education, indoctrination, modification, possession, desecration, insult, humiliation, degradation, humiliation, degrading, dehumanization, obedience, submission, humility, worship, abandonment, carefreeness, security, warmth, love..

So it is not important what kind of dominum, dominatrix or dom I am, because for you I am only one thing: Everything! Heaven and hell, alpha and omega, unique and inhuman, lord and master, mistress and master, lady and Lucifer, lascivious and lethal, Lucien Lafayette.

What makes you special?
Among my special qualities I would count my broad experience from lived BDSM culture, applied gender theory and a life full of sex and fetish to my biggest advantages. Not to forget the beautiful giant dick that destiny kindly blessed me with.

Furthermore, I consider sensitive empathy and deepest passion to be the cornerstones of my guild. I abhor assembly line work under the clock. Every person is different and I do not believe in universal patent remedies. Rather, I have a great interest and personal joy in getting to know each person individually, offering them security, in order to reap the trust to unfold the darkest secrets before me, so that I can make of them what they have always dreamed of and deserve. Power, mental strength and dominance are just like devotion and care the right tools to enslave people to their qwn good. Apart from the laws of physics and the state laws of the Federal Republic of Germany there is nothing that can stop me when it comes to turning wet dreams into cruel reality.

Apart from that there is one more special area where I can proudly count myself to the elite - your ass. I know it better than you do. Not a joke. I lecture on anal practices. From outside to inside, from tender to hard, from one finger to half an arm, from virgin to slut. Your ass is my territory! If you know someone who is better at it than me, give me his number, because I'm always keen on learning more and more.

What is dominance for you?

Dominance is for me...

the feeling that makes me hard.
the power to fill enemies with fear and friends with happiness.
the ability to shape our world the way it should be for us.
a joy that I can only enjoy with other people.
the ability that opens so many doors in my life.
an honor that I earn or fight for.
the piece of the puzzle you fit so well to.

What do you love about SM?
Clearly the psychological aspect The possibilities, ways and tools with which one can live out feelings and desires that fortunately hardly exist in our peaceful everyday life, but which contain so much lust and fulfillment, that they simply deserve a place to be lived out. I am proud to be able to offer such a safe place. The range and intensity of the feelings and instincts with which I am allowed to work fascinate me every nasty day.

I also enjoy puzzles and riddles. And the human psyche is the most exciting mystery I know. The further you solve it, the more limitless the possibilities become. Sun Tsu once said: "If know your enemy and know yourself, and in a hundred battles you will never suffer a defeat." I say: "Know your slave and know yourself, and you will have more power over him than any yoke could ever give you"

What I love about SM are the games in which you can not only find sexual satisfaction but also self-awareness and self-knowledge. After two of my most beautiful sessions I received the following news the next day: "My adored Lady Lafayette, yesterday a knot burst in me. Today at work for the first time I was able to ask my colleagues for help and they actually helped me. That was a great feeling" and "A thousand thanks Sir, (..) I enjoyed the sunrise this morning and then just like that I talked to strangers. Everything feels better since you came into my life.

Because as cruel as we treat each other, as good we do ourselves, and yes, Sadism is just awesome!

How did you start this job / what has changed since then?
I have never been innocent. At the tender age of 13 me and my fortmer friend from preschool started exploring our sexuality together. Even then, wrestling matches on the meadow behind the house were our foreplay. Since those days, my sexual life has been filled with up with the urge to explore and the spirit of discovery. BDSM was always omnipresent. The game of power and submission fascinated and excited me from the beginning on, but at the same time it gave me the control to fully exploit my quite high sex drive. But the further I developed, the more the problems i got. I fitted worse and worse into my normal life and had to struggle with growing repression. But then came the day when I had to decide between what I should be and what I really was. The day I exploded. I quit my job and apartment, ended my relationship, sold my car and furniture, burned all my pinstripe suits, said goodbye to my well-fed life and went to war.

What began there is the story of Lucien Lafayette: Ecstasy was my credo. Sodom and Gomorrah my fatherland. Sex and fetish my life. I became a monster and grew into an icon, dominated 24/7 everything that came crawling up my boots, slaughtered myself across all the sex cultures of Europe and crashed anyone who wanted to judge me for that. Determined to either find the world I belong in or create it for myself. So I longed for a goal in life that I didn't really know that well, but when I got there, I cried tears of happiness. Because what I found there was more than I had ever dreamed of. In the gender play I found the male emancipation. In polyamory I found love without limits. In queer lifestyle I found myself and in BDSM I found my culture.

Then my explosion ended. I took a deep breath, calmed down, enjoyed what I had gained, settled down and asked myself which activity would be suitable for me and meaningful for mankind? The answer was obvious: I share the most beautiful pleasures I can give and become an escort. So one day I met my colleague Master Andre. He grabbed me and said to one of our current bosses: "Johanna, we need that cock!" ...well, and now I am here...