Lady Valentina

My Dominance is stronger than your mind


Current favourite toys
My attractions. Your feelings. My passion. Your abysses. Sensual manipulation.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
I know what you are missing. I know what I want – and how I can get it from you. I am so close to you that it takes your breath away. You desire me, yet you can't grasp me – and you can't flee either.

I am the irresistible ruler of your darkest desires. I challenge you until you forget yourself. Until you abandon yourself to me, defenceless: Me, my play with power, your shame and your instincts. I am strict and gentle, determined and sensuous. I chastise you as a strict teacher or dominant boss – or captivate you as a charming seductress, caring doctor or loving mum. I like to play with women and men, in twosomes or threesomes. I am a sadist. I love playing with pleasurable pain and enjoy it when your body and mind struggle for me.
I will disarm you with soft tones and put you in your place.

What makes you special?
I see you. You can't hide from me. You can try, but your breath and body give you away. Reveal that you immediately fall victim to my erotic dominance, defenceless. I read you and your reactions and take you to your limits – until things become blurred and you no longer know whether you are moaning from pleasure or pain.

Whether you are a beginner or already know your place at my feet: I can make sure that you fall in love with fear. I capture you and manipulate your senses until you bow to my command. Until you obey me. You are safe with me – but at my mercy. And that makes you nervous. I am taking control of you and will not let you escape while I am hurting you. You will take me along with you – even after you have left the studio. On your skin, under your skin and in your mind.

What is dominance for you?
Seduction, temptation, fascination. My dominance is stronger than your desires. It is part of my personality. I am aware of my impact and am not playing a role – except with your longing. You will instinctively subject yourself to me. It is the ability to bring down my opponent – and to capture them. It gives me great pleasure when you tremble, moan, beg under my touch and abandon yourself completely to me. Look into my eyes. You will grab for my hand. Even if it is electrified and has you shaking in pain with every contact. But you want to follow me, don't you? That's what I thought.

What do you love about SM?
The mixture of rigour, elegance and eroticism. That I am leading when we dance on the border lines between sensations. Between desire and pain. Between struggle and abandon, control, fear and redemption. S&M is an opportunity to let go in a safe space. My game starts in the head: Under my strict supervision, you will get to know your buried sexual longings and desires anew.

I love latex and leather – sensuality and rigour. The sizzling in the room, the tension. To read the euphoria, the passion and the pleading in your eyes. The dynamics are different at every encounter, so it always remains exciting. I never plan what is going to happen.

Are you courageous enough for playing with the unknown?