Lady Mephista

Fierce & compassionate


Favourite activities in a session:

  • Bondage / Shibari
  • Impact Play (Whips and Canes)
  • Human Furniture aka Forniphilie
  • Servant and Butler Scenarios
  • Longterm Scenarios and Protocol Training

Current favourite toy:
My leather gloves with metal claws. They look, smell and fell fantastic.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
I celebrate the art of classic domination.
With more than 10 years of experience, I developed a broad spectrum of practices.
My sessions are a save space to explore your deepest fears and desires.
If you are willing to give up control, these interactions can be a cathartic experience.
I’m an expert in bondage and flagellation and I have a lot of experience with medical scenarios that I love to combine with heavy restraints.
Whichever means I’m going to use, my main goal and pleasure is to play with your mind.
Masochists and (rope-)bottoms whose fantasies align with mine, are welcome to enjoy the pleasures of pain or the force of the restraints, and if we are on the same page I’m happy to test your limits.
I also enjoy sessions with servants and submissives, however, if you identify as submissive, I expect you to be honest with your role. A role play made up by your own fantasies has nothing to do with the devotion I expect from a submissive.
I often get requests from people who would like to learn how to serve me, as much as I enjoy an honest attempt to serve me as best as you can, you should be aware that service is about the person you serve and not about your own fantasies. If you are aware of this, I’m willing to guide you on your journey to become a servant that really pleases me.
All Genders welcome.

What is special about you?
I seek a genuine connection with the person I interact with, I want to induce deep emotions and dive into your darkest fantasies and explore the whole palette of emotions BDSM can spark in you.
My goal is to penetrate the part of yourself that is covered by social conventions.
I love challenges and I like to push myself as well as others out of their comfort zone.
I want you to feel safe enough to let go and relinquish control.
For this reason, I will have a close look at your fantasies and your boundaries to see if we can find a common ground.
As a basis for a session I expect detailed information about your previous experiences (if available) and a clear naming of your limits and taboos. I accept beginners if it‘s clear to me that they thought deeply about their inclinations.
I do not accept scripts or detailed instructions for the session, that being said I cannot emphasise enough that I need enough information about your experience level, your fantasies and your hard limits to be able to create a scene that is rewarding for both of us.

What does dominance mean to you?
Dominance starts in your mind, if you really want to feel it, you have to emerge yourself as much into the moment as your dominant counterpart.

What do you love about BDSM?
I love to fathom the longings but also the fears of a person in ways that are usually not a part of our social conventions.
At the same time BDSM gives me the chance to get to know myself better as a person.
During a session I am in a state of flow.
This experience is both stimulating and soothing for me.
I can channel my fantasies and work with people whose needs complement my own, through this experience.
BDSM has also taught me to address my own needs and those of my counterpart directly, without being deterred by social taboos.

How did you begin this profession / what has changed since then?
I have been practising BDSM since 2010, initially exclusively in a private setting, until I introduced myself to Lady Marlon and Lady Mercedes at Studio Avalon in 2012 and gained my first insights. The following year, 2013, I started working at Studio Avalon.
In the studio, I benefited from the incredibly rich wealth of experience of my colleagues and learned a lot of new practices during this time.
I will miss the Avalon as a studio, but also as a place of friendship and connection; I like to think back to the long conversations in the parlour of Studio Avalon.
In addition to Avalon Studio, I worked internationally at various locations. I‘m also a regular visitor of der FemDom in Zurich since 2016.
I love to be in front of the camera too, and I worked for several FemDom film productions, among others for FemmeFatale Films and The English Mansion. A big highlight in this context are my visits to the Other World Kingdom in the Czech Republic, where I hold the role of Head Executrix of the Womania Empire.
I enjoy attending events such as the Femdom Ball in London to connect and exchange ideas with other people in the industry. If you want to have a deeper insight into my lifestyle, I recommend to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and OnlyFans.