Lady Lila

Sensual, teasing, BDSM games


Alter: 32

Favourite activities in a session:
Tease and Denial, Facesitting, Foot Worship, Role Play

Current favourite toy:
My favourite new toy is one that I like to use on unsuspecting subs, preferably while they are blindfolded and have no idea what is going on. The male masturbator cup is used in conjunction with the well known vibrating magic wand, it’s a lot of pleasure for me to use, and of course for you to experience. The strong vibrations wrap around the most sensitive part of your erection, and though they are pleasurable they will also be intense. It is here I use the tool for tease and denial games, aiming to see you jump, moan and gasp at the overload of sensations. It’s the best time to see my wicked smile of glee.

What kind of Dominatrix/Bizarre Lady are you?
What makes you special?
I am a powerful Princess and Seductress by nature, seducing many into focusing on satisfying my every whim, desperate to please me by following my commands and gaining pleasure through my favour. I am more sensual than cruel. I prefer to giggle softly as you squirm like a worm on the end of my hook, than to angrily berate or threaten you. I am the cheeky, naughty and sometimes mean girl you wish always had in your life. It is easy to tempt you to divulge your deepest needs and darkest desires, you will hand me complete mental and physical power, and you will breathe out prayers of deep gratitude as you hand over control of your sexuality.

I enjoy gradually testing your limits, capabilities and increasing your depth of devotion to me.  It excites me to see how intense your struggle becomes, as you strive to meet my ever increasing requirements. Your face could become my seat, as I use your mouth for my own pleasure. You, on the other hand, will be denied the pleasure of an orgasm until you have earned it. You will do your best to control yourself as I tease your cock with my hands, body, toys or watch as you bring yourself to the edge again and again. Prepare for training your self control... at risk of punishment.

You will listen to my voice and focus on my wishes, focusing in on me as you relinquish every thought to pleasing me. I will speak calmly, though patronisingly when simple instructions are not followed however I do not shout or scream - under my control it should not take anything more than a whisper for you to give me what I want. If I am displeased by anything you have done, you will know without a doubt. Perhaps it is the whisper you should be most afraid of.

I am a smart, passionate and graceful Woman; as a Bizarre Lady I am intensely interested in the process of seducing a submissive into placing themselves into my care. It brings me great pleasure to gently and lovingly create the mutual respect and trust required for a submissive to truly release themselves. Teasing and often caressing my submissive until they suddenly realise they are caught by my deep blue eyes, trapped by their desire to worship me, hanging over a bottomless chasm, and deep and total submission to me is the only choice possible.

I will ensure before we have a session we are both aware of the taboos and expectations of one another. I like to find out about what you like so a session can be enjoyable for the both of us. I am versatile in considering a wide range of kinks, fantasies and fetishes, and I am happy to train new submissives, or explore a new power over an experienced one.

What is dominance/submission for you?
Dominance and submission is like the dance of a moth drawn inexorably towards the flames of desire. It is the gasping moment of sudden realisation, as you become intimately aware that submission to me is your most true and natural state. It is my seductive creation and use of desire to tie you to my will through your integral need to submit, until you become like a puppet, dancing for my delight. It is the absolute joy and release that comes with being wholly free to explore every twisted kinky need that has been buried deep, in the safety and certainty of my care. It is the truth, the way things are simply meant to be, you wholly under my protection, responding immediately to my directions, totally freed from responsibility, safe and secure in the certainty that as my submissive you have found your deepest calling. Both of us truly and totally fulfilled beyond our wildest dreams, so intricately and intimately created by my devilish design.   

Dominance for me is a chance to relish in control of not only myself but of someone else. The pleasure of ordering or using another human for my entertainment and desires. Submission is not something that comes naturally or easily for many people. It is not only a physical act but a mental one also. To submit one must be brave and trusting enough to hand over the power fully so they can enjoy the freedom that the release brings. Dominance allows me to have the power to push you further than you might yourself, but still within the limits of some control. It is a mental rush to have such power over you, which is why I enjoy so much seeing you follow my every order without question.

What do you love about SM?
The absolute variety possible. Every individual has a different relationship to SM, and this makes every session a unique experience of exploration, exploring desires, boundaries and the energy between us. The fact that from one person to the next there is always a new experience to be created, savored and the thrill of testing and deepening a submissive's boundaries, to their great excitement.

Learning about each new submissive's psycho-sexual self is a deeply rewarding experience. Therein lies the privilege and power of SM, being entrusted with someone’s deepest darkest truest sexual self, and the creation of the journey to full and free expression of their sexual identity. SM can positively and fundamentally free a person, and the benefits always extend into a more fulfilled and freely expressive self in all other areas of life beyond the Dungeon/Play space.

How did you begin with this profession / what has changed since then?
Having previously explored the dynamics of Dom/Sub relationships from both angles in close relationships, I developed a deep understanding of the psychological intricacies, the deep trust and intense pleasure one can share through BDSM. As I have always enjoyed the experience of Dominance over my partners sexually, I decided to actively expand and develop my expertise and BDSM skill sets as a Dominant. Later whilst living In London, I lived with a friend who is a professional Dominatrix, who further piqued my interest in becoming a ProDomme, but it wasn't until after spending further time developing my talents in the Berlin kink scene that I decided the time was right for me to accept submissives as my playthings professionally.

Since then my passion for BDSM and the Dom/sub dynamic has only continued to grow. I love the deep freedom of self expression this artform brings to all participants, and as I continue to refine my knowledge, I love feeling the powerful molten core of certainty that BDSM brings me, as it is an artform wherein I naturally excel as a sexually powerful Alpha Woman. Since making this my profession, I have developed a deeper understanding of the different minds and fetishes that exist in the world, every session is a new, exciting opportunity to teach, learn and grow whilst exploring a unique experience with a willing sub.