Lady Kat Rix

Be my toy


Alter: 38

ATTENTION: I will be on maternity leave from december 2022 - 2024!

Favourite activities in a session:
Prostate massage, CBT, body contact, erotic electro-stimulation, orgasm control

Current favourite toy:
I just bought me a new toy- the Fleshlight. Sexually abusing your dick and ass at the same time turns me on very much… I love to take possession of your entire body, watching you helpless enjoying my touch….

What kind of dominatrix / bizarre lady are you?
What is special about you?
I like to do things my own way! I express my femininity through elegant and sexy clothing, inspired by the classical ladies of hollywood. Sensually seducing and teasing you into submission, I use my soft body and long nails to tantalise your senses. It is important for me to create an atmosphere of trust and openness, so that I can take you further into where you want to go safely and consciously.
Since I am an artist and very creative in play and life, I love the challenge of tuning myself to your needs. My BDSM spectrum is broad, from intimate SM body massage to Intense role-play scenarios such as sadistic interrogation full of toys and whips.
Fun and playfulness are the main ingredients in any session- after all, thats what we are both here for.

What is dominance for you?
First and foremost it is complete self-love and acceptance. I trust my abilities and intuition and can allow the Session to flow, without a need for strict rules or outdated protocols. When one is truly dominant, they need not shout or make big statements. Their presence is enough to conduct the room, their body language tells it all.
The respect I have towards myself and my work, means I can respect and appreciate you just the way you are, mind and body.

Dominance is directness, authenticity and courage. Leading into the unknown, the subconscious, the mysterious… Fearlessly exploring and expanding.

What do you love about SM?
I love the excitement and tension in the room, when two people meet to play. It is a beautiful place to live out phantasies and unleash a part of yourself, that cannot express itself in daily life.

How did you begin this profession / what has changed since then?
I have always fantasised about doing this work, and when I moved to Berlin it was clear- now is the time!
After 3 years in this profession I am more playful, more daring, more myself.