Lady Felicitas

I'll do with you, whatever I feel to


Alter: 49

Favourite activities in a session:
All kinds of nipple torture, CBT, bondage, prickly and pointed toys, the change between erotic closeness and cool distance.

Current favourite toy:
Everything that pricks, from light to very violent. I like it when my slave squirms and he just can't escape me. Also: my fingernails. Painted red and sharply filed, they have an immense effect.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
I am a classic dominatrix. I am a passionate sadist, but I love both: tormenting through very special, subtle, common physical pain and psychological humiliation and seeing what triggers and does both in my play partner!

What makes you special?
My style is a rather calm one, which should not be underestimated. While my counterpart is fixed at the cross or elsewhere, I look at him with a sparkling in my green eyes and maybe even smile charmingly - and suddenly he notices the pain I am causing to him elsewhere lustfully -  quite unexpectedly for him in that very moment. I live out my own type of SM. I strictly adhere to taboos, but I love to expand the boundaries of my partner. I prefer it if I only know the taboos of my slave and everything else that is going to happen is up to me.
Beginners are welcome, I shape them as I like!
I love playing with part-time ladies - in everyday life they are men who live a completely normal life and in some special hours they enjoy being completely WOMEN: Clothing, make-up, wig and a feminine walk on high heels. How this all works - dress, make up, walk sexy on high heels – is something they learn from me and I will use them the way I feel to!

Before the game, I like to get to know my game partner in the preliminary talk, it is also possible that a small email exchange takes place in advance. The game can also start right at the door - there is a slave questionnaire on my website that I need for that from my slave in advance.

What is dominance/submission for you?
Indispensable. I live out my passions that have been with me all my life. The rubber fetish came a little later, but I've been into BDSM all my life.

What do you love about SM?

I love to live out my fantasies towards others, playing with my power and his submission. Immersing yourself in an area that takes place far from the everyday, a special experience for both - an island from everyday life. For me, every session still has something special, even after such a long time.

How did you start with this job / what has changed since then?
Before I started practicing as a professional dominatrix in early 2004, SM was already an integral part of my private life. Since then I have lived my passion both privately and professionally, which I enjoy very much! What is still very important to me: The chemistry, the wavelength between us must fit.