I laugh at your weakness.


Alter: 46

Favourite activities in a session:

  • Guided Fantasy
  • Boot worship
  • Bondage & mummification
  • Discipline
  • Service


  • scat
  • me as sub
  • drugs

My favourite toy:
Set of leather floggers hang next to my saint Andrew's cross. Each one is different soft, medium & heavy. I grip the handles, and you can smell the leather. I slowly caress your back with them, a light tickles you will feel. My heels click on the floor as I circle your bound body. Imagine yourself blindfolded, arms extended and wrapped as I play with your skin, warming you up, teasing you, and dancing to the rhythm of my ancestors. Building the suspense as your skin turns red and you moan with pleasure. I desire to hear you beg. Tears form in your eyes as you release your thoughts into the void. I am placing you in a trance until you use your safe word. As I unlatch you from the cross, you drop to your knees and worship my feet in gratitude.

What kind of bizarre lady are you?
"A fiery Latina soul. My desire will fill the room. When I enter a space the energy shifts. A playful and sadistic nature fuels my every step. I tango my way to walk all over you. My humour leads many of my transformations if you are lucky I will envelope you into a void of time and space where your only thoughts will be my ultimate pleasure. My smile widens with every moment of surrender you display. Your pain is my pleasure. Your body is but a new toy for my collection.
As my toy you will discover a new way to surrender. From service to guided role-play. A well behaved sub will be kept under my feet where you belong. My imagination is vivid and your body is but one of my playgrounds. As I tap into my ancestors and Divine Female Supremacy, you will understand that S&M dynamics run in my blood. That a woman like myself is a blessing from beyond. "

What is characteristic about you in a session?
I am a playful & Latina Domina. My sassón is spicy. I will tease you and make you beg for my attention, touch, and ability to make you lose control! When you're with me, you will not know if time is moving. You will be suspended into a deep release. I can turn hot and cold before you have the time to blink. So make sure you have come to worship this Goddess. Meeting genuinely submissive people who are there for my pleasure is a blessing. While I enjoy all aspects of S&M, I decide where, when, and with whom. I am a professional International Stand UP comedian and Tango Dancer. S&M is but one of my many pleasures and talents. The way I walk into a room and command your full attention. You know your place is at my feet. I accept the best and nothing less. I am interested in building relationships with those I feel connected to and can create a long-lasting bond. My smile is my trademark and a sign of my pleasure as I torture you. My laughter will fill the room as you shiver from my touch. On special occasions, I have been known to switch!

What does dominance mean for you?
My imagination, not my hands, is my primary tool. Dominance is a chess match, a tango tanda, and a consensual connection into the abyss. I like to dance in the shadows of your light. Dominance is a lifestyle, a rite of passage, and ancestral knowledge of the divine feminine.
The profound truth we share in a scene. The shamelessness of sharing our fantasies, the wardrobe. The ritual & the healing nature of the release.

What do you love about SM?
The contact, the breath, the ability to transcend time and space. The connection of contact play and aftercare. I love when my submissive can feel the pleasure of bruises as the days go by until they serve me again—the look of fear and joy when you wonder what mood I am in.
I began with a love for fashion leather latex; all things are tight and sinching. My love of high heels is never-ending, and the thought of trampling you brings me an evil smile.
As a professional Tango dancer, I enjoy teasing and dining with you about everything. I will hear you beg me, and I am happiest when you are on your knees with your tongue deep between my toes.

How did you begin this profession and what has changed since then?
In 2022 my life made a full circle, and I found myself returning to a better version of my old self. As we grow, we transform, but our core is often the same. As an artist, evolution and transformation make for creation. Berlin is a city of misfits, wild adventures, sex positivity, and sensuality. Returning to sex work at this point in my life is liberating and a true reflection of my beliefs. I am a "Warrior Goddess," a "Sacred Prostitute," & last but not least "Dominant Diva."

I have worked in NYC & LA for a decade under the guidance of the Great Tara Indiana, "whipping America back into shape one mediocre white man at a time." During this time, I pursued a career as a Tango Dancer, a dance that connected my soul to my south American immigrant ancestors and sex work. I have been a fetish & an art model for international artists, and my acting career leads me to become an international stand-up comedian, touring Asia, Europe & South Africa & USA.
I am a fearless sensual force of nature. At 45, I value my time and all the knowledge the universe has given me! Everything is sacred, including my time and energy in an era of online dating and quick disconnects. A night with me can go to so many places. From your Fantasy to mine. A sensual touch, a sharp whip, a passionate embrace, transformative role-play, and much more. I am Lady Velásquez
I have many faces, many guises. You do not get to choose what version of me you meet, and I will reveal myself in layers as we become close. I am a woman devoted to the Goddess Aphrodite. The Goddess is the bringer of love & rapture, combining instinctive sexual drive & highly cultivated art of lovemaking. "Afroditie's essence is transformation through the power of beauty & love - the [psychic] power responsible for all metamorphoses." - E.F. Edinger

How can I arrange an appointment with you? When do you have time?
To make an appointment with me you must send a detailed email about your session fantasy addressing me as Goddess L'aDios. I take sessions on Mondays and Thursdays. I prefer 24 hours advance notice, but I am available on other days. Weekends would require at a week's notice. I prefer emails until you have established yourself as a worthy sub.