Kira Fae

Games of fear and desire


Alter: 30

Favorite activities in a session:

  • Feminization / Sissy play
  • Strap-on
  • Impact play
  • Using my playmate as a sexual object
  • Needles

Current favorite toys:

Floggers : I always loved the texture of floggers, their weight, the sound they make when they hit flesh. And when I learned how to use them, I discovered that the patterns were actually very close to something else I practiced : fire poi. Using floggers is for me a pleasurable dance of soft strokes and painful hits.

Needles : I have been very curious about needle play, because it is about penetrating flesh. There is something taboo and sacred in this act, and I see the whole process as a ritual.

Strap-on : Using a strap-on was a huge fantasy when I was younger. I dreamed about it for years, and when I finally tried, I loved it. Taking someone, coming inside them and seeing them opening to it is a great pleasure of mine.

Nipple clamps : Nipples can bring so much pleasure, and so much pain. This is for me a place for creativity, to vary sensations and play. Nipple clamps are a great tool to do that.

Pinwheel : The first time I used a pinwheel was during a BDSM play party in Australia. Someone had one, and I asked them to use it on me, to see how it felt. The sensation was surprising and interesting. Since I always carry one with me to sessions and play parties.

What kind of bizarre lady are you ?

I'm cruel and loving at once, giving shame and pain in a tender and playful way. I like to talk dirty, going where it is painful and pleasurable with my toys and with my words, but with a smile on my lips.

I'm a sadistic fairy who likes to travel in the shadows. I want to find your desires, your fears, your shame, where they meet, and to play with it deliciously.

When I punish you, it is because I know you want it so bad, or that you want it and fear it at the same time. And I will attentively watch your reactions, reveling in them.

I want to provide you the safety to tell me what you really want, and to explore it, and the challenge to know I will bring you there.

I also like to be adored, whorshipped and obeyed.

Another game I enjoy is to objectify and take my pleasure from you. To know that you want me to use your body as I please, as a sextoy, for my own sensual pleasure.

I'm an androgynous creature, and like to help others explore that about themselves. It is why I love feminization and sissy play. I know how to change my gaze according to someone's desire, to the game that we play. I will see you as you want to be seen, and make you feel it.

If you're new to BDSM, I also provide soft discovering sessions for beginners.

What defines you ?

I'm genuine and playful. I like to go deep, to understand human psychology better, our fears and desires.

I'm a very sensual being. I like touch, in all its nuances of pleasure and pain, to give it, to take it, or to receive it when I asked for it.

I also love to play with gender, to go from very feminine to very masculine according to the game.

I would say what defines me best is that I'm an explorer. I'm infinitely curious about all the possible games and connections that humans can experience.

What is dominance for you ?

For me dominance is the chance to explore other sides of ourselves. The sides who want to possess, to take, to be obeyed, to have power over, to shame, to hurt. And this gives the opportunity for the submissive to explore the sides of themselves who want to surrender, to worship, to face shame and fear, to find pleasure in pain, to obey, and be overpowered.

Dominance is receiving the gift of power and giving the gift of surrendering.

What do you love about BDSM?

As I said, I'm an explorer. BDSM is a huge playground to explore sensations, connections, psychological games and possible dynamics between a dominant and a submissive. There is always something new to try, something new to discover about ourselves and others. BDSM is surprising, we discover through it pleasures we would have not imagined, not anticipated.

How did you start this job?

I began by working as a sex phone operator when I was 18, and I dominated for the first time over the phone. Then I have been a stripper, and some clients coming to the stripclub wanted to be dominated too, I was walking on them with my high heels in the room for private dances. After I became an escort, and from time to time my customers would ask me some BDSM practices. Then I finally decided to focus on domination and became a domina.

What has changed since then?

When I was trying a little of dominance through sex phone, strip-tease or escorting, I didn't have a personal BDSM practice, and I wasn't really understanding the dynamics at play.

Since then, I developed my own practice, and dived deep into understanding why we enjoy playing these games. This understanding allows me to appreciate deeply what I do, to let myself be excited and touched by the beauty of the game.