Johanna Weber

Kinky domination with intelligence


Alter: 55

Five favourite activities in a session:

  • facesitting
  • tease and denial
  • SM beginners & difficult fantasies
  • forced ejaculation games
  • milking machine

Current favourite toy:
The new full-body leather sack from McHurt. For years I have been dreaming of it and now it has finally been purchased.
Not only am I enthusiastic about the amazingly soft, beautiful-smelling leather but also the many possibilities for play. It feels wonderful, packed inside this tight sack. Secure yet also helpless. Yes of course I have tried it out to see how it feels to lie inside. Fantastic!
But usually I stand next to it, pack someone into the sack and strap it tightly together with the new belts. And I enjoy taking time to do this. The sack conveniently has zippers in the appropriate places.…

What kind of dominatrix / bizarre lady are you?
What is special about you?
In my sessions you are allowed to do everything that is otherwise forbidden by decency, moral codex or someone else.
However, I am neither a classical dominatrix nor a sadist. I am a natural leader and an avidly playful child. I have a passion for the unconventional, perverse and also the lustful.
For me pain occurs not as agony but as a pleasurable element.
I perceive myself as a fulfilment assistant and I design a pleasant time for my play partner. And this is exactly what also turns me on.
I like to tease out the “tricky elements”. Of course they are different for each person. This poses a challenge for me, as many people don't know themselves what they will be particularly responsive to.

What is dominance for you?
For me, there is something natural and accepting about my dominance. It is clear that I am in control and that needn’t manifest in screaming or affectation. I even enjoy sessions as equals. Yet I never feel that I have lost my leadership role.
For me, the age and appearance of my counterpart do not play a role, only the game is important. And I can sense very quickly during the first contact by telephone or mail whether or not I can relate to the fantasies. It is rare that I find them inaccessible, in fact usually a vague image forms in my mind after the first few sentences. I need to sense in what direction the game can go, then it will also be good session.
For me domination also means activity, because I am a dominatrix who likes to take action. That means that I'm doing something almost all of the time and my play partner surrenders to me. There is only one small step between surrender and submission…

What do you love about SM?
The game. There are so many erotic aspects or appealing things that meanwhile I must say that normal sex has come boring for me. It turns me on when I realize in an SM game: "now I've got him!" Or "now he belongs to me!" I want to find this point. That also gives me a huge boost of energy.
Each session is different. And that is exciting.
Maybe it is also the fact that SM breaks with taboos that appeals to me. I believe that every person has fantasies and can be erotically stimulated beyond the normal context. However this still has no place in our society.

How did you begin this profession / what has changed since then?
I think I have a fetish for red light districts. This led me again and again to the Reeperbahn during my studies in Hamburg. And I knew that at some point I wanted to do THAT. Somehow there was a special appeal, something fascinated me and still has a magical draw for me. I financed my studies by working as an escort and later with apartment prostitution.
Back then I could not imagine that SOMETHING LIKE THAT could be my profession. And after my studies I got bogged down in the marketing industry. Bogged down is not the right expression because actually I continued to climb higher up the career ladder. However I felt more and more like a slave to corporate identity. I wanted to get out and remembered the good old days when I worked as a hooker.
And I plucked up the courage. I gave up my supposedly plum job and plunged back into the red light. It quickly became clear to me that I have become more mature and passionate and that I not only want to live my leadership competency and dominant trait privately, but also with my clients. Looking back, it took some two or three years until I found my own personal dominant line. Clear and direct, playful and passionate. I proudly stand by the fact that I am touchable. For me there is no contradiction between eroticism and dominance. In my sessions they both belong together.
I have never regretted my decision to make sex work my profession! According to the motto: If your reputation is ruined, you can live as freely as you like.