Isla Deep

Like Iron dipped in Honey


Alter: 31

Favourite activities in a session:
Golden showers, foot worship, pegging, caning, sensual BDSM

Current favourite toy
I just love using beautifully crafted leather whips. Playing with them is trance inducing, especially when some dreamy music is playing in the background, transporting us into another realm. I trace your skin with the fringes, letting them glide over the hills and crevices of your body. My legs and my hips sway with the movements of my hand as I gently swing and twirl the whip on your back. Then a moment of silence as the fringes dance in the air before the thud of leather on your bare ass cheeks. The sting which courses like electricity through your body excites me. I taunt you with tickles, teasing you again gently. But I’m soon overcome by a sadistic need to play rough until your skin turns red, until you have marks to take home which remind you of my power over you. You will look in the mirror at home and remember who is your Goddess.

What kind of dominatrix are you? What makes you special?
I am a shapeshifter, a witch with many faces. My petite frame and sweet face can be features, for beneath I have a cruel streak. I know my power and understand how to use it, reading your needs and desires, translating them into a wicked game. It brings me great joy to craft a session which explores your edges and provides you with pleasures you did not expect.

In my sensual BDSM sessions I give a lot of soft touch which brings us to a meditative zone. Like a dance I take mind and body on a journey, where a tickle turns into a scratch and a light tingle might suddenly become a hard spanking. And while you writhe in my hands I will whisper filth into your ears.

Then there is the side of me which is very dominant and cruel. I am a strict teacher and will train you until you truly submit to your Goddess. You are only really useful to me once you have learned to be a humble worshipper, tending to my wishes and desires. You will kneel for me, you will be my footrest, you will clean my messes, pamper and spoil me. I especially have a weak spot for having my feet pleasured and my body worshipped. You will never touch me without my explicit direction.

I get off on making you squeal beneath me, which I will achieve through many and varied methods. My favourites are CBT, bondage and caning. However the studio provides tools and facilities which allow our play to go way deeper into the abyss. Your pleasure is in my hands during our session. I will be in control of whether and how you come. Your body is mine. And if you behave yourself well you might be rewarded with my golden juices, which, as I am vegan and extremely healthy, are compared the world over to the wine of the Gods. It gives me great pleasure to watch you savour every last drop.

I’m also a creative soul who loves to craft complex role play scenarios. Let’s work on a storyline together, no matter how outrageous we can find  a way to translate it into reality.

When we first meet I will greet you with a smile and a twinkle in my eye. I want to know who you are, how you think and feel and why you have come to me. We'll take a few minutes at the beginning of our session to talk about each of our boundaries. Your safety and consent is of great importance to me. Whether you're a devoted sub or a newbie to BDSM, I will be able to create an experience tailored to your desires. I welcome all clients (all genders, ages, body types, ethnicities and religions) so long as you are respectful and kind.

What is domination/submission for you?
BDSM is for me first and foremost a sensory experience, a trip, a transcendent experience - where pleasure, pain, humiliation and freedom are deeply intertwined. It is a space in which we can explore hidden aspects of our selves, those which perhaps remain in the shadows of our everyday personas.  

What do you love about SM?
I love that in BDSM I am creating a ritual space in which to explore play. For me play is one of the most important things in life, one which too often we forget as adults. It is through play that we can experiment with our self, our emotions and our physical body. So at best SM play is an authentic flow of creative and erotic energy. Here everything is allowed - the sexy, the hilarious, the humiliating, the violent, the loving, the nurturing. Light and dark perfectly merged.

I feel like every session is a learning experience for me, where I watch both my play partner and myself unfold in new ways. I love to see you helpless in my hands, your eyes glazed over and your mind totally under my control. I observe you as I mould you in my grip, knowing intuitively just how cruel or nurturing I need to be. There comes a point when it’s no longer just theatre but our minds and bodies are truly surrendering to the flow. This is when I know I’ve created a good session and I will feel high for hours or even days afterwards!

How did you begin with this profession/what has changed since then?
I was first introduced to BDSM through performance art which allowed me to experiment with the dynamics of domination and submission. I quickly learned that I have a natural inclination to take control, to be able to make somebody really feel something. I have played in many forms in my personal life for years, so the transition to this work felt very natural. Being a professional dominatrix has been a source of empowerment which translates to all aspects of my life now. I have become more confident and assertive both in body and in mind. It has also strengthened my commitment to work with sexuality as a tool for healing and joy.

This work has also opened my eyes to understanding how varied desire can be. I continue to be amazed by some of the requests that I get - in a positive way! We are all individual and I have great respect for those who come to me seeking to explore themselves.