Frau Dark

I will enjoy your peril


Alter: 35

Favourite activities in one session

  • Humiliation
  • Tease and denial
  • Interrogation
  • Ruined orgasms
  • Ass worship

Current favourite toy:
Your body
My new favorite thing is using someone as my furniture. I especially enjoy doing this in public, but I realize that this part of the fantasy may be mine alone.
I find it to be particularly sensuous to use someone’s entire body as whatever I choose. I find this to be one of the ultimate acts of submission, you surrendering yourself to me to be used and humiliated.
A submissive that is being used as a piece of furniture gets to experience me and my body in an intimate way that they would not typically experience in a session with me. My human chair will have the intimacy of feeling the warmth and softness of my skin, the pleasurable weight of my body and the proximity of my breast, ass and other exposed parts of my generous, sensual body.

What kind of bizarre lady are you?
Imagine me walking in very slowly. My heels click on the floor, getting louder and with each approaching step you fall deeper in to anxiety. The anticipation of what is to come builds heavily. As I bend over and crack the belt in your ear you realize that this will be more fun for me than it will be for you.

What makes you different?

I am a dominant sadist, a bratty top who enjoys coming up with new and inventive ways to torment and manipulate you physically and mentally. I want to build a relationship with a submissive that challenges us both : you psychologically and physically and me: intellectually and creatively.
Laughing at a submissive’s distress only challenges me to make the project more strenuous and exciting.

Our sessions will have an agreed upon destination, but once you are in my possession , I will determine the course of the session to get you there.

What is dominance for you?

I am a bizarrlady who expects my submissives to be trained in the ways of high protocol. This means, I that expect to be called Goddess, or mistress or another agreed upon honorific that acknowledges that I am in a position of authority and that you are in the position of the submissive.
This also means that I will train you in the submission positions and will run practice drills until I am satisfied that they are correct and to my specification.

What do you love about SM?
I am sadistic but loving and sensuous dominate that enjoys seeing men in peril. Assigning tasks and watching my submissive struggle in their attempt amuses me because I love to laugh in session.
I am extremely difficult to please, but the rewards for pleasing me are great. I am strikingly attractive woman with a curvaceous, hourglass figure with deep colored skin tone. I am known for my beautiful ass and loved to have it worshiped and adored.
I have a wonderful relationship with myself and I know who and what I am at all times. This allows me to be free and to experiment with dynamics with such things as skin color, social and feminist constructs and sexuality.
I am fully aware that I am atypical in appearance from the norm of Berlin and other European Dominas, but I find this to be a set of assets that we can play with in sessions (with agreed upon boundaries, of course)
As a high femme mistress, I like to be in fashion forward, beautiful, color and bright clothing. I enjoy being in lingerie in session. I want you to be fully aware of my beauty is session and I gleefully will use it as a weapon against
I am American and as I am American all sessions will be conducted in English. (German phrases can be negotiated)

How did you start with this job / what has changed since then?
Just because I am a sadistic bitch…possibly gotten more over the years / Nothing.