Fräulein Angelina

Bizarre Decadence with Brains and Passion


Alter: 47

Favorite activities:

  • role play
  • mind fuck / shaming
  • tease and denial
  • shoe-, nylon-, foot-worship
  • face sitting

Current favorite toy:
My hands. They will force you to the ground, curiously investigate your body, they will choke you, slap you and deliver an extensive spanking. My fingers slowly creep their way into your body, sometimes pleasurable, sometimes overwhelming. You will learn to love and fear my hands at the same time: they can be soft, sensual, eager – and then again rough, rude and abrasive.

What kind of dominatrix are you? What makes you special?
I am playful and tangible. I work very intuitively and follow my spontaneous ideas, which fit individually into our current session and match both your desires and my likings. Humor I've got plenty of – sometimes at your expense. I am not a genuine sadist, but I do enjoy putting you in distress and tormenting you when I see that glow in your eyes while evoking real emotions. I will twist you around my finger, only to mock and ridicule you in the next moment, to tantalize you or to simply drop you. This game of tease and denial can be repeated over and over again.
What is important for me is a celebration of body, mind and emotions, to reinstall an inner harmony. Maybe create some kind of catharsis. Definitely act out your darker fantasies. And a good portion of joy!
I work both as a classical dominatrix and a bizarrlady – depending both on your desires and my intuition.

What does dominance / submission / fetish mean to you?
To me, dominance is a quality which lets me take the lead (both literally and figuratively!), which puts me in control over the situation, over your body and behavior.
What it is NOT for me are egotism, recklessness and mere cruelty.
I am always fully aware of the responsibility I am given when someone delivers themselves into my hands. This is essential for you to be able to really let go and surrender.
I will use my position of power to push you to your limits, to challenge you, to keep you on pins and needles and to then release and catch you at the end. Dominance also means to be able to claim and expect your trust.  Your devotion and submission.
I appreciate a rebellious and mischievous attitude at times, but essentially it requires your willingness to devote yourself to me, otherwise this scenario won't work.
Dominance also means that I will focus on your deep inner fears, the desires that gleam through and maybe even issues that have been subconscious to you. It means that I will challenge you, so you can't defy a deep experience, maybe even new insights into your self. It means that I will force you to go deeper into those topics, into the pain, into your shame and submission and your lust, in this our mutual moment – and that I won't let you get away too easily.

What do you love about BDSM?
BDSM is a never-ending path to new experiences, preferences, the exploration of my dominance and facets of interacting with another person. Over the many years that I have engaged in BDSM, I have changed and my way of playing has changed with me, but BDSM – the play with power and submission, with desire and pain, the staging of role play – all this has persistently been the framework. I feel that I will never reach a terminus within this, because there are constantly so many more new surprises and things to discover left. Each individual session is different, and with  time and new experiences, I am delighted at how I manage to touch the people who come to see me even more deeply.
BDSM is both sensual play as well as the opportunity to work on oneself, through the body, to let go, to be here in the now and to live out a different, maybe darker side of the self than is possible in everyday life.
While seeing my play partners so closely, transforming their needs and longings into our mutual play, I experience a great closeness and intimacy – not only to them, but also to myself.

How did you begin this profession / what has changed since then?
From the private domain, I stumbled into this profession out of curiosity. At the end of my studies of Psychology I was fed up with bar jobs and wanted to try something new. Since I had just entered the world of BDSM and had always felt, even as a teenager, a secret but strong attraction to anything to do with the red light district and sex for sale, I thought: Let's give this a try!
I started off on the submissive side. Soon I realized that my job is a service and the passive role is too close to my private life. Meanwhile I gained more and more confidence in my knowledge and my abilities to turn the tables. For as a sub you know very well, what someone needs in order to be able to really surrender – it is those elements, that account for an intense, stimulating, amazing session.
And so my path led me from sub to switch and from there to bizarrlady and dominatrix. In all the years that I have been performing in this field, I have come to the conclusion that this is the perfect profession for me, combining different topics that I feel very close to, like psychology, theater/staging, bodywork and holistic integration. Not to mention high heels!