Ferdinand Krista

Male Bizarre and Intimate Dominance


Alter: 33

Favourite activities in a session

  • Humiliation & Role Play
  • Forced Bi
  • CBT and pain
  • Bizarre Decadence
  • Tender dominance

Current favourite toy
My favourite toy doesn't have to be made of rubber or steel, flesh and blood, cotton or wood. It just has to be able to materialise our thoughts, kinks and fantasies. My favourite toy is the object that puts you in the state I want to put you in at that exact moment. I can sense your fear, your desire for it, from your movements, from your gaze or your breath. My favourite toy can make you scream or fall silent, it can melt burning hot on your skin or make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end in clammy coldness. You will feel the sadistic pleasure and the loving lust with which I use it on you.

What kind of dom are you? What makes you different?

As a Dom, I am characterised above all by my playful creativity and a great tendency towards the bizarre, the empathetic and the depraved. I want to fathom my subs, to get to know their desires and fantasies in detail. I love to exploit exciting situations and push them to the point of mutual exhaustion. I never use a fixed repertoire of means and objects, but spontaneous impulses and inspirations to create surprising, humorous and very intense sessions.

What is dominance for you? What do you love about SM?
To live out my dominance means to surrender myself. I observe the facial expressions, reactions and impulses of my play partners in order to be able to react to them and gain control. A mirror in a mirror. If you put yourself in my hands, you sink into shame, pain and raw lust or other very deep, very human sensations.

For me, dominance is the interplay of subtle power and the freedom to express it in many facets. Dominance is permanently perceptible, especially when it does not have to constantly reassure itself through aimless volume. Dominance is responsibility and dissolution of boundaries, it means control, loyalty, consent and devotion. It is immersion in many forms and entanglements. It can be frightening or empowering. At its best, it is both combined.

How did you start with this job? What has changed since then?
It is often difficult to develop an honest approach to your own sexuality. How do you fathom your kinks when you don't know them at all, how do you conceive fantasies when you don't know where to start?

It wasn't an immediate, direct path that brought me to this job. I don't have a biography of youthful urge to explore, early parties in sex-positive circles or anything like that. I just clearly felt at some point that I was unhappy in my sexuality, without knowing what to do and where this feeling came from.

It was then my social environment, friends and current colleagues, who had to clearly point out what was obviously in front of me. I was - uptight. Frightened. Indecisive. My first sexual experiences beyond the familiar, well-trodden paths and finally a job in the field of BDSM and escorting were able to open my eyes. For all the varieties of sexuality, all the secret but widespread insecurities, all the concealed fantasies and different sensations. Getting to know this diversity, being able to contribute to bringing it closer to others, is the great happiness for me in this profession.

How can I make an appointment with you? When do you have time?
The best way to reach me is either by email at post@ferdinand-krista.com or by phone and messenger at 0159 06107007. Please tell me in your first message when and for how long you would like to meet me, what you are looking for in a session, what your fantasies and taboos are and whether you already have experience in the respective range.