Ferdinand Krista

Intimate and subtle domination


Alter: 33

Favourite activities in a session
Role play
Tease and Denial
Power games and psyche

Current favourite toy
In a small leather case I carry it with me, always keeping it close at hand. It may seem inconspicuous and harmless at first glance, but I know exactly how to make pointed use of my material: my nail file covered in fine sapphire dust is used with precision. It lies in front of you as a silent threat, while you hear my footsteps behind you. You see the pointed end flash as I turn it in my hands, feel the rough surface on your chin as I correct your posture. Like little lashes of a whip, it flicks onto stretched skin.

For me, my favourite toy is not only purely practical and versatile, but it is also symbolic of my approach as a Dom: it is not the ostentatious effects that bring you to the state I want you to be in, but the consciously placed, peripheral perceptions.

What kind of dom are you? What makes you different?

As a Dom, I am characterised above all by my playful creativity. I want to fathom my subs, to get to know their wishes and fantasies in detail. I do not use a fixed repertoire of means and objects to achieve a desired effect without detours and according to a strict script. The basis of my work is the creation of an individually adapted atmosphere that carries my entire session. It can be dark and heavy, but also lustful and full of humour. I circle and tease out without losing track, I probe and explore to withhold or give, I am very tender and intimate but also relentless and determined, charming and daring. I love discovering new kinks in my subs and in myself as well as proving my power as a Dom on well known desires.

What is dominance for you? What do you love about SM?
For me, dominance cannot be captured in a simple definition. It differs from person to person, from session to session.

To live out my dominance means surrender. I observe my subs facial expressions, the reactions and the impulses in order to be able to react to them and gain control. A mirror in the mirror. If you surrender to my dominance, then you sink into shame, pain and raw lust or other very deep, very human sensations.

For me, dominance is the interplay of subtle power and the freedom to express it in many ways. Dominance can be loud and quiet, it can be completely silent, but it is permanently perceptible. Dominance is responsibility and dissolution of boundaries, it means control, loyalty, consensus and devotion. It is immersion in many forms and entanglements. It can be frightening or empowering, and in the best case it is both together.

How did you start with this job? What has changed since then?
Finding an honest way of dealing with my own sexuality, was a difficult process for me. It was not until quite late that I realised how liberating it can be to openly receive pleasure - and above all to be able to give it. Faced with the choice between "refusal and strain" or "fun and the joy of experimentation", I no longer wanted to weigh things up anxiously - and decided to offer my services as an escort. My entry into sex work was initially marked by a strong vanilla flavour. But over time, other scents were added. Cuckold scenarios, power and role play. Having control over people's fantasies and over the situation was an impressive feeling.

My private sex life was also increasingly shaped by my interest in BDSM. Without making a conscious decision, I fell into the maelstrom of dominant games. I found myself eagerly listening to the stories of colleagues. At some point I sat in their lessons, I participated in their sessions - and finally, I stood "on the other side" myself. What remains as a conclusion of my genesis as a Dom? It is liberating. And above all, it's fun!