Emma Steel

Daring Walks Along Erotic Boundaries


Five favourite activities in a session:
Enjoying silence.
Savouring the electricity of a touch.
Dealing out blows.
Throwing glances.
An amused smile.

Current favourite toy:

What kind of dominatrix are you?
I whisper terrible things into my toy's ear, rather than shouting.
I implement the fantasies of my counterpart in such a way that they become mine.
I'm strict but by all means gentle too. I hurt my victim very much, as a gift,
– unless of course it needs punishment ...
When it comes to interrogation and humiliation, behind my relentless severity is a respect for your shame. Your shame that is my instrument. Beginners and newcomers will be pushed carefully but determinedly to their first limits, while experienced servants and masochists will be forced to surprise themselves.

I am a dominatrix who values playful and strange scenarios. I enjoy masks – hide yourself yet reveal yourself to me. I like to use mangy mutts and sweet cats, I enjoy collaborative instruction of my pupil, punishing nappy-wearing babies and training dolls in suspenders or explaining my world to a gasmask creature from another planet.
I am a dominatrix who enjoys bloody rituals just as much as breath techniques that lead to ecstasy.
I am a dominatrix who first hypnotizes you and then revels in the reality of the state you are in.
I am a dominatrix who knows how to use the factor time.

What makes you special?
My humour.
My seriousness
My passion.

What is dominance/submission for you?
For me dominance is inseparably linked to ethics. Ethics that are not based on rigid rules but on personal integrity, the willingness to learn and to share knowledge. The same goes for submission…

What do you love about SM?
For me SM is the freedom to live what is already there. To tease out what is necessary. What allows us to feel who we are.

How did you begin with this profession / what has changed since then?
In Toronto a friend asked me if I could help her out at a session. Of course I could! What a feast of perversions I thought back then. The man wanted to be tied up, to enjoy a golden shower and have his mind played with through public humiliation – I found it all very exciting and he was charmed by my fantasies and my German accent – and of course my appearance… My friend was too, she hadn't known me in session mode until then. I began to work in her dominatrix studio and since then I have experienced astonishing things, have got to know fascinating people as well as myself, in a wide variety of contexts. Setting up a dream domicile with Johanna Weber and Velvet Steel is a preliminary climax of this adventure. What has changed is my approach – I'm becoming more humble. With that I mean my huge gratitude for the trust and the surrender bestowed on me.