Dahlia Nyx

Narcotic Lollipop


Alter: 33

Favourite activities in a session:

  • Mind Games
  • Role Play
  • Tease & Denial
  • Moments of closeness/ switching
  • Impact Play

Current favourite toy:
Prostate vibrator, Magic Wand.
In general, all that vibrates or moves rhythmically.
Turn around and I'll let one of the toys slide towards you in certain places...
And watch what the Magic Wand does to me. Come here, press my thighs apart and give me a hand so I can lean back and relax...

What kind of Bizarrlady/Switch are you?
My dominance and power are tightly bound with the joyful crossing of boundaries.
I enjoy giving myself and being taken hard - when I want it, the way I want it.
Maybe I’ll tie you up and dance for you, enjoying your arousal, amusing myself with the fact that you can't have me. Or I’ll get very, very close to you and let my sharp fingernails slide over your naked torso, my breath in your ear...
I may order you to lick me, or invite you to drink from me.
Or I’ll step into the shadows, hidden from you, and treat your body with masks and obscure devices, watching you and enjoying your trembling...
The tightrope walk between lust and thrill excites me and I master it very precisely.

What makes you special?
Together we will experience a hedonistic, psychedelic, archaic intoxication, in which my very own sweet rules apply.
The roles of Top and Bottom can be put on and taken off, and also blurred completely.
Pleasure, humour and consent are always the basis for exploring bizarre depths together - all the more so when the hierarchy is heightened and the session very dark and intense.
I’ll take you by the hand: a nightmare, a whore and a priestess all at once.

What is dominance for you?
Empathy, responsibility and (sensual) guidance.
The ability to switch perspectives.

What is submission for you?
To revel in one’s own vulnerability. Trust and power. This may seem paradoxical, but for me, true submission is bound with great inner strength.

What do you love about SM?
Mutual devotion. The dissolution of boundaries. Fantasy and the joy of experimenting. Getting to the bottom of being human.
Experiencing authenticity and intimacy especially through the means of creativity, conscious restriction and role play. Most vital for me are indulgence and pleasure: the session may be delicate and subtle or intense and grotesque - it depends on our dynamics and our mood in the moment.
To perform this beguiling magic trick together, which is able to transform negative feelings like humiliation and pain into overwhelming lust and emotional closeness.
Experiencing power dynamics in a pleasurable way and - through the special space created by the game - questioning and undermining them in general. Anarchy. Setting up one’s own, new rules. Mischief and rebellion. Freedom and expanse.

How did you start this job / what has changed since then?
I am both a bizarre lady/switch, as well as a nude model (photography and film), artist (concept and performance: performance art/dance/body theatre/film; text; vocals/electric guitar) and escort. I have degrees in Religious Studies and Theatre Studies (M.A.) as well as in Dance- and Art Therapy.
I started some years ago as a nude model for illustrators and photographers. It was an incredible thrill to challenge myself and to put myself into more and more abstruse (erotic) situations. I am interested in the subjective, the surreal, intimacy, poetry and ritual, existential human experiences (death, eroticism, birth), body/pleasure/violence/power, as well as humour and play as anarchic moments.
Photography makes it possible to create intimacy (despite and precisely because of distance) in temporally limited moments. Both the person in front and the one behind the camera ultimately disrobe and capture this in the picture. My occupation as an escort brings closeness, touch and sensuality. As an artist I have dramaturgical and creative abilities. And as a bizarrlady/switch, I bring together all these areas that are meaningful to me.
What has changed? Now more than ever, I am drawn to guiding others on their erotic journeys...