Blade Fonteyn

for Your Pain or Pleasure


On Holiday

Favourite Activities in a Session:

  • Classical Submission
  • Erotic Domination
  • Intimacy Coordination
  • Menage-a-trois
  • Latex

Current Favourite Toys:
First and foremost is my beautiful (and growing) latex collection. I love both the aesthetic and the feeling of this fetish gear. Toy wise, I love my strap-on and the demonic hunger it gives me.

What kind of submissive/switch/bizarre lady are you? What is characteristic about you in a session?
I’m a Switch, through and through. I have many sides to me, all of them working in harmony to contribute to my dynamic and adventurous spirit:

My submissive side is the area where I have the most professional experience to date. My sub side is adorable, sexy, fun and energetic. In my adult years I have developed a craving for discipline – whether it’s the nurturing kind or the sadistic kind. I am a masochist, and I know my own body. With this knowledge safely in hand I enjoy pushing my stamina and tolerance to its limits, exploring that deliciously thin line between pleasure and pain. The act of creating trust between players and the surrender of my control to someone else is a beautiful and powerful experience that I love deeply. If you’re my Dom(me), you can experience my surrender and my trust in you. Handing over the responsibility of my care to you frees me, whether that care takes the form of harsh punishment, discipline, or nurturing guidance. When I’m subbing, you can also decide what mood you want to catch me in. Maybe that day I am feeling particularly brattish, and I’ll be extremely difficult to tame. Or perhaps you’re looking for someone silent, obedient and humbly at your service. Basically, I can be a very good girl, or a very bad one.
As for my dominant side, that part of me is rather new, and very exciting. An inclination for dominance has always existed within me, and as with my submissive side, my dominant side can take on multiple forms. I’m a big fan of the nurturing, erotic touch: as my sub you can relax and know that you are in soft, capable hands. Trained in tantra, I offer full body tantric practice to release the body and the mind. As a nurturing domme, I sometimes take on a young nurse or teacherly role, a soothing figure who is there to protect, nurture and care for you and your needs.
However, don’t mess with me. I relish any opportunity to indulge in my sadistic tastes. As your bratty little dominatrix, I enjoy ordering my submissive around, punishing you if you’re disobedient, torturing you with my tools when you don’t listen, and rewarding you with my slender, perfect feet if you’re good enough.
I also have a deep love of roleplaying and menage-a-trois. With a particular interest in couples therapy, I enjoy inviting all relationship configurations into my space for sessions of exploration, training, learning and discovery. I am an excellent communicator and intimacy facilitator and welcome both those who are seasoned explorers as well as those new to the world of kink.

What makes you different?
I am extremely flexible and adaptive, kind of like a sexy chameleon. I have many forms and selves and the ability to fluidly switch between them depending on the needs of my guests and our environment.

What do you love about BDSM?
The freedom of expression of self that it gives me and the beautiful humans that I get to work with.

How did you get started with this job / what has changed since then?
I moved to Berlin in summer 2019 to take a break from my academic career in order to explore my creative endeavours. I started out as a pro-submissive at Studio Avalon before its closure in 2019 and am extremely honoured and happy to now be part of the team at Studio LUX. I have been interested in BDSM and intimacy coordination for around 6 years. It’s been great to channel those experiences and interests into a professional setting. Obviously in the time that I came to the scene, our industry has been challenged by COVID more so than many other industries. As a result, in the last 6 months I have become heavily involved in sex-worker activism, fighting for the rights of sex workers from all walks of life and bringing awareness to the struggle and needs of our vibrant and essential community.