Aurelia van Foxx

Classic dominatrix & femdom queen


Alter: 28

Five favorite activities in a session:

  • Anal treatments (stretching, fisting, strap-on).
  • Foot erotic
  • Tease & Denial
  • Edging & ruined orgasm
  • Clinic


Current favorite toy:
My fingers and my fist. I love doing anal games, which is definitely also due to the physiognomy of my hands.

What kind of dominatrix are you?
I can't say it in general, because I made a conscious decision not to limit myself to one role or to commit myself to a certain style. How I appear in a session depends on what ideas a guest brings with him - of course I'm also a service provider with the aim to get as close as possible to the pre-imagination, to the guests fantasy. And of course it makes a difference whether an experienced flagellant visits me or a newbee who, for example, would like to experience my kinky wellness offer. Again I appear completely different in my role as clinician Dr. Aurelia van Foxx when a check-up is pending.

One aspect that almost always plays a role for me is playing with my feminine charms: Because I feel very comfortable in my body as a self-confident woman, this is transferred to those around me and of course also helps me in sessions. Teasing a guest to the point of pain with specific insights is always a lot of fun for me and I go a step further than "classic dominatrixes" when I also offer nude sessions or cuckold education, for example.

A question of style is certainly that I combine different styles of playing in my sessions. For example, I love transferring special elements from clinic plays to the black area and vice versa. I particularly like to celebrate the game with tease and denial, anal treatments, TV education and role-playing games of all kinds. I personally also enjoy edging, to bring my guest very, very close to his orgasm several times: sometimes letting him cum without an orgasm and only then leading him to his final satisfaction.

To sum it up: I have a polite but assertive attitude - at least that is what guests say. Consistency paired with a lot of creativity are my best advisors during a session.

What sets you apart?
I'm always open to new ideas and not stuck or fixed, I like to be inspired by my guests. It depends a lot on who is facing me. One of my "superpowers" is being able to adapt to my guests and give them exactly what they need in that moment. I try to get a lot of information in advance so that the bizarre meeting itself runs as smoothly as possible. In this way, long-term relationships are often formed, which is also important to me. My client's mind is always stimulated first before I use his body.

My personality reflects everything in terms of creativity, multifacetedness and wealth of ideas that is needed for the best bizarre implementation and my engaging nature reaches the inclined guest immediately.

I respond intensively to the longings and needs of my counterpart, quickly take possession of mind and soul, and use my submissive counterpart as I please.

What is dominance for you?
I'm concerned with the power of words themselves, used with pinpoint accuracy. I prefer rather quiet tones, but can also get loud when it seems appropriate. In the end, I always get what I want. BDSM has had a high priority in my life for a long time. I got to know and appreciate the game of power and submission early on and I just have a lot of fun to move in this bizarre world.

What do you love about SM?
For me, BDSM is primarily an endless big playground in our mind. It is a cosmos limited only by by imagination and fantasy. So I like the idea of comparing the BDSM world with Alice's Wonderland, just for adults.

In this context, the fetishes and fantasies, which sound often absurd for vanillas, are very exciting for me - now they are part of my everyday life: looning, disgusting specials, forced bi games, to name a few only. What fascinates me most is the diversity that this sexual form of play brings with it and that it is often not about the quick next kick, the next orgasm, because BDSM goes much deeper and can evoke feelings of happiness that are otherwise hardly attainable.

I share the view that our brain is the decisive sexual organ, especially when practicing BDSM. This is about the staging of ideas and fantasies that have matured in the mind. I understand my job as dominatrix in exactly the same way: My job is to clearly identify the dreams of my guests in advance, to adapt to them intensively and to make the appropriate careful preparations in order to then address the right trigger points in the session with my play.

Personally for me it is always a moment of happiness when, through my way of interpreting BDSM, I can let previously unknown people happily go into their everyday lives after a session with a grin on their faces. Nice to have you, BDSM.

How did you start this job / what has changed since then?
It was very exciting for me and I had to learn a lot of new things, e.g. how I organize my business as dominatrix and how I set myself up. The psychological effects were added, which I found and still find highly fascinating: Where does the passion or the fetish of the guest come from? That interests me immensely and the exciting thing is - and even my colleagues with many years of experience say this - you get to know something new almost every day and that is exactly what I need.

By having the chance to turn my hobby into a profession, I can always develop my own kinky horizon.



  • Intimate contact with the mistress
  • Lickxxy
  • Vomit
  • Wrestling